Sold Date: February 13, 2020
Start Date: February 6, 2020
Final Price: $227.50 (USD)
Bid Count: 27
Seller Feedback: 3924
Buyer Feedback: 28

Led Zeppelin "II" gate fold cover is near perfect, has small pen marks on the back bottom right where someone wrote their initials with a ball point pen, not very obvious, otherwise looks new, vinyl MINT, looks stone perfect, no scratches, spindle marks on the record or label, outside perimeter of the vinyl also shows no signs of repeated removal from the sleeve, drop-dead gorgeous copy. I rarely ever grade vinyl as MINT, but in this case it's justified.  Covers: M = Sealed  NM = Most cases still in shrink wrap, or just has no wear & looks as if you just bought it from the store VG++ = Has only the beginning signs of wear, still looks brand new VG+ = Has a small amount of wear, spines a little creased from use (gate folds) may have a small pen mark VG = Has noticeable wear, may allow for a pen mark & small seam split or two G = Record can still be housed in the cover, may have seam splits or small amounts of tape on the spines, or just simply have a lot of ring wear Vinyl: M= Sealed, or stone perfect showing no signs of handling or play or spindle marks on the labels, no scuffs or marks whatsoever. Rarely use this grade. NM= May have signs of play but not much, no scratches & may have a light scuff & still looks like you just removed the record from the inner sleeve with a few blemishes. VG++ = Very close to NM but may have either a couple light scuffs or imperfections with or without a small spindle mark or two VG+ = Record has signs of handling & play but very well taken care of, common LP's are still acceptable in this shape, has no deep scratches or surface noise, may allow for a few light paper scuffs on each side but no deep scratches. VG = Record has a minimum of light scratches from being removed from the inner sleeve repeatedly, but still has gloss & sounds great, may have light surface noise between the tracks or quiet passages. G = Record is scratched on both sides but playable. Surface noise can be heard more profoundly but without skips, more desirable records can be accepted in this shape but otherwise should be donated to the local thrift store. Anything less than G i don't sell.