Arco Iris - Arco Iris (New LP Sealed Vinyl)

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New LP Sealed Vinyl. Arco Iris is an Argentine rock band, formed in 1968 in the city of Ciudad Jardin Lomas del Palomar in Greater Buenos Aires, originally composed by Gustavo Santaolalla (guitar and vocals), Ara Tokatlian (winds), Guillermo Bordarampe (bass ), Horacio Gianello (drums and percussion) and Danais Winnycka (Dana) (spiritual guide, voice). It is considered one of the founding groups of Argentine rock, providing a mysticism and especially the idea of ​​fusion of rock with folk rhythms, which contrasted with other references of the time, such as Los Gatos, Almendra, Manal or Vox Dei.  A1Quiero Llegar A2Hoy Te Mire A3Camino A4Coral A5Te Quiero, Te Espero A6Luli A7Cancion De Cuna Para Un Ninio Astronauta B8Y Una Flor (El Pastito) B9Tiempo B10Y Ahora Soy