BLACK SABBATH - Cross Purposes (reissue) - Vinyl (LP + insert)

Sold Date: April 16, 2023
Start Date: March 16, 2023
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Side 1 - Track 1. I WitnessSide 1 - Track 2. Cross Of ThornsSide 1 - Track 3. PsychophobiaSide 1 - Track 4. Virtual DeathSide 1 - Track 5. Immaculate DeceptionSide 2 - Track 1. Dying For LoveSide 2 - Track 2. Back To EdenSide 2 - Track 3. The Hand That Rocks The CradleSide 2 - Track 4. Cardinal SinSide 2 - Track 5. Evil Eye

After Ronnie James Dio would leave Black Sabbath (again) following his revisit for 1992's, 'Dehumanizer', Tony Martin would find himself re-enlisted for the often misunderstood Cross Purposes. With Geezer Butler still handling bass duties at this point, before his departure (and subsequent return on Forbidden), and the arrival of Rainbow drummer Bobby Rondinelli, who bailed on the recording sessions of Quiet Riot's Terrified, to help his dark brothers in need; the project would only make slight impressions on the somewhat exhausted listenership who had become worn out with the band's excessive line-up shifts. Now with the reissuing of several of the I.R.S. label days output, the album has been offered a chance at re-evaluation, with many regarding the Tony Martin era with a newfound degree of reverence.