VARNISH LA PISCINE - This Lake Is Successful - Vinyl (12")

Sold Date: April 27, 2023
Start Date: March 27, 2023
Final Price: £22.00 (GBP)
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Cat: BEC 5610879. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Hip Hop/R&B

Side 1 - Track 1. Nubian FarlowSide 1 - Track 2. Ring IslandSide 1 - Track 3. Quartz FreestyleSide 1 - Track 4. CevicheSide 2 - Track 1. Shopping, Amaury LefevreSide 2 - Track 2. NuvojobSide 2 - Track 3. Bye Bye Forever

First of all we love the artist name and album title of this new one from French label Because Music. Thankfully the music from the Swiss hip-hop artist, composer and author (who as Pink Flamingo worked with Sebastien Tellier and Philippe Zdar,) is as good as the wordsmithery. It is actually a soundtrack for a web series that sits somewhere between comedy and detective thriller and guests include Snubnose Frankenstein and Amaury Lefevre, who help to make this a real gem of a mini-album.