Yung Lean Ormolycka Chapter 1 Vinyl+Cassette Box Set (Throwing Star + 7” Vinyl)

Sold Date: May 14, 2024
Start Date: April 24, 2024
Final Price: $399.99 (USD)
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1 of 50 Limited Edition Yung Lean Chapter 1 Box Set
Produced by Ormolycka, this edition includes a 7” Vinyl with Kyoto, Plastic Boy ft. Bladee, and Motorola, as well as a unique throwing star with Yung Lean related text. 
Also included in this box set is Yung Lean’s first three albums on vinyl; Unknown Memory, Unknown Death 2002, and Warlord.
In addition, there are cassette versions of Unknown Memory, Unknown Death 2002, Warlord, as well as his 2016 mixtape Frost God.
This Chapter 1 edition being the more exclusive of the two that were released by Ormolycka, it has a plexiglass case that protects the box set itself from being damaged. This case is the only item that has any wear or damage. It was shipped at purchase with a slight crack along one of the edges, and has some scratches and smudges from being handled over the years. 
Not included is the original pouch and strap for the throwing star/shuriken as they have been lost over time.