Sold Date: June 14, 2018
Start Date: June 7, 2018
Final Price: $96.00 (USD)
Bid Count: 2
Seller Feedback: 2063
Buyer Feedback: 1324


            Side 1:  Plays Mint, visually Mint under normal light, under halogen light, a few nearly invisible wispy inner sleeve lines, as close to visually Mint as you’ll find.

            Side 2:  same as side 1, glossy


            Side 1:  Matrix ends: 2A   Mother: 1 Stamper: HC

            Side 2:  Matrix ends: 3A   Mother: 1 Stamper: AH


            Side 1:  Mint with no spindle marks

            Side 2:  same as side 1


            Front:   ultra-high gloss laminated Clarifoil with very faint rubs only visible when held at an angle to a strong light, sharp corners, solid seams, un-feathered opening, strong EX+ (see description)

            Back:   clean white with a trace of age toning

INNER:   original inner with no splits, will also come with an archival inner


INSERT:  clean and flat in its own protective archival sleeve.

DESCRIPTION:   This LP was purchased from Parlogram who sold top quality UK LPs on this site. This pressing is from approx. 1967-68. The vinyl plays perfectly with no surface noise and strong mono punch. Visually as close to Mint as you’re likely to find, even under halogen light, it’s hard to see any blemishes. The insert photo will come in its own archival sleeve and is in Mint condition with no creases, pin holes or other issues. The cover is highly glossy and completely solid with a few very tiny crimps along the edges and one light thumbnail, all of these are minor.

International shipping by Priority with insurance and tracking.


I ship once a week, but always within 5 days of your payment. Combined shipping is possible for up to three LPs with a small surcharge for added weight.

Records are shipped in standard LP mailers with the record secured outside of the cover to avoid seam splits. Returned LPs must be shipped in the same way. Damage to the cover or disc will result in a reduced refund amount.

Please don’t bid if If you own a Crosley or similar inexpensive (aka “cheap”) turntable. LPs that play perfectly well on a real turntable may have problems playing correctly on a toy turntable with no ability to adjust tone arm tracking weight or anti-skid. These junk tables will destroy your collection. My advice: stop buying LPs until you purchase a real (non-USB) turntable, new or used.


   I began buying records in the mid 60’s and I've always been fanatical about record care and storage.

   The records I sell are from my personal collection, including backup copies. I've never been one to buy VG records or anything with an audible scratch, which eliminates the vast majority. If I do miss an audible flaw, then kindly contact me and it will be rectified.

   I use standard US grading plus the UK grade of EX 

   Records are first inspected under a halogen light (the only light that shows every flaw) and any blemishes are examined with a 10x power magnifier which allows the grooves to be fully inspected. Then they’re play graded on a Linn Sondek LP12.

   Over the decades, I've seen grading fads come and go, such as: “visual” grading by people who don't own a turntable; the current use of nonsense grades like NM+ and NM- as well as the dubious belief that there’s no such thing as a mint record.

   As a record buyer, I've had a lot of over graded “garage sale” LPs arrive covered with gritty dust and greasy fingerprints while the seller claims a “visual” grade based on fantasy. Be assured that my records will arrive clean and fingerprint free.