Roy Haynes Quartet - Out of The Afternoon - 1962 mono Impulse lp - VAN GELDER

Sold Date: May 4, 2021
Start Date: May 3, 2021
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           ROY HAYNES QUARTET          Out Of The Afternoon             Impulse (AU) IL-30,894
Up for auction is a stone original 1962 Australian mono Impulse (VAN GELDER) pressing of the Roy Haynes Quartet lp, "Out Of The Afternoon". An amazing session, featuring Roland Kirk on a host of reed instruments (and flute) + a rhythm section that is near impossible to top. 3 Haynes originals and 4 standards. Essential jazz lp.
  DEAD WAX INFO:  Side 1 has A - 23 - A  LW   MX11177  all etched into the dead wax. Side 2 has A - 23 - B  LW  MX11178  all etched into the dead wax. Both sides have VAN GELDER stamped into the dead wax.   VINYL VISUAL: VG+ and better with slight loss of gloss and minor marking. Labels show maybe a handful of plays. Some sort of duty or promo sticker under label Side 1 (see picture). Never seen this before.
VINYL PLAY GRADE: VG+ at best with very little extraneous noise. A REALLY LOUD mono cut that would sound best played with a fitted mono cartridge. Plays with slight overmodulation on my gear, but still a GREAT listen.    
COVER VISUAL: VG and better with some ring wear and spine wear. Shows fine. 
Comes with contoured poly inner which I have lined with an Audiophile style rice plastic inner.   DETAILS ON SELLER AND SHIPPING 
HELLO ALL. My name is Jamie, and I have been collecting records steadily for over 45 years.  After a bit of a respite from selling on Ebay, I am back and will be selling a ton of stuff over the next few years. My tastes run all over the map, so there will be something for everyone. All opened items will be visually AND aurally graded. All Dead Wax info will be listed. Play grade is done on a Thorens TD 165 through Yamaha amplification and JBL reference headphones (treble set high so there will be no surprises when you get the item)
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