Stooges; Fun House; Elektra, WHITE LABEL PROMO, WLP, OG, First, Gatefold copy!

Sold Date: June 9, 2021
Start Date: June 2, 2021
Final Price: $406.50 (USD)
Bid Count: 27
Seller Feedback: 1723
Buyer Feedback: 6545

Not gonna lie ... this is probably the coolest record that's passed through my hands. It's so friggin cool. Fair amount of wear on the cover, but the vinyl is pretty solid, I gotta say ....

See below for more detail:

VINYL: VG+ (7.5 of 10) OG White label promo, Stereo copy. Its super, super cool. Side 1 is really clean -- only like one really dull line, short. Side two has a bit more in terms of dull chatter. There's a dull portion across the side, but I didn't detect any real noise from it. A few other dull marks, but this LP plays the part. It's great ... don't miss this ...
COVER: VG (6.5 of 10) So the cover has heavier wear and aging. No seam splits, but the seams are quite fragile. Art looks solid, gatefold inner looks great though. It's really just heavier storage and shelf wear. _______ Now the standard messages:

GRADING: Yes I use standard grading. HOWEVER, I will NEVER use the word "mint" or "near mint" to describe a used LP ... sorry, won't do it. The highest I go is VG+. I use a number after to more represent a combination of how the vinyl looks and how it sounds. 10 is the best. I'll describe what I see in addition. I've found the combination of these two can minimize expectation gaps. But ask questions when in doubt.

CLEANING: Yes. All vinyl is cleaned ... on my own machine I made. Vacuum machine. I wash and rinse with my own formula cleaners -- once with my enzyme cleaner, and rinsed with my own distilled water/alcohol formula. ... this process has worked for me for years.

TESTING: Yes. I've listened to the records I sell. I play on a Lenco L70, via AT MM cart; tube preamp, a Dynaco ST-70 all tube amp to KLH 17 speakers. An super tubey setup, right!?
SHIPPING: Free anywhere Media Mail, domestic. Overseas is BY WEIGHT, so check that weight before bidding, you overseas-ers! LPs shipped in a proper box with plastic sleeve, and yes, vinyl shipped outside the sleeve. 
RETURNS: Generally a no go, unless you have a compelling reason. But if there's a serious problem, I'm sure we can figure it out with a return. I mean, I am an adult ... allegedly. But I do try to describe accurately, offer time for questions, and I deal in used records, not new stuff ... yes, it's always kind of a gamble buying via eBay, which is why I try to do my best to make an objective attempt to describe the LP in question. ASK QUESTIONS WHEN IN DOUBT. I promise, we can make this an easy transaction