The Clash - Combat Rock (1982) - 12" Vinyl LP

Sold Date: August 30, 2021
Start Date: August 27, 2021
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The Clash - Combat Rock (1982) 12" Vinyl LP
Tracklist: A1  Know Your Rights 3:40
A2  Car Jamming 3:58
A3  Should I Stay Or Should I Go 3:06
A4  Rock The Casbah 3:42
A5  Red Angel Dragnet 3:46
A6  Straight To Hell 5:26
B1  Overpowered By Funk 4:52
B2  Atom Tan 2:27
B3  Sean Flynn 4:30
B4  Ghetto Defendant 4:43
B5  Inoculated City 2:40
B6  Death Is A Star 3:08

Condition Description: Disc hasn't been play tested; it has some visible marks that may be audible. Sleeve has small tears in all sides.

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