Fats Domino Swings; Imperial, DG, MONO, Black label copy; Doo Wop!

Sold Date: November 18, 2021
Start Date: November 10, 2021
Final Price: $17.00 (USD)
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Here's a fairly solid copy of a classic!
See below for more detail:

VINYL: Stronger VG (7.0 of 10) OG MONO copy, Deep Groove press. Some light paper scuffing. Perhaps a few really light whisp marks ... plays overall VG+, but has a little tick every now and then that makes me give it a VG.
COVER: VG+ (9.0 of 10) Very nice cover. Strong seams and spine, sharp corners, art is great. A little wear on back is really all ...  _______ Now the standard messages:

GRADING: Yes I use standard grading. HOWEVER, I will NEVER use the word "mint" or "near mint" to describe a used LP ... sorry, won't do it. The highest I go is VG+. I use a number after to more represent a combination of how the vinyl looks and how it sounds. 10 is the best. I'll describe what I see in addition. I've found the combination of these two can minimize expectation gaps. But ask questions when in doubt.

CLEANING: Yes. All vinyl is cleaned ... on my own machine I made. Vacuum machine. I wash and rinse with my own formula cleaners -- once with my enzyme cleaner, and rinsed with my own distilled water/alcohol formula. ... this process has worked for me for years.

TESTING: Yes. I've listened to the records I sell. I play on a Lenco L70, via AT MM cart; tube preamp, a Dynaco ST-70 all tube amp to KLH 17 speakers. An super tubey setup, right!?
SHIPPING: Free anywhere Media Mail, domestic. Overseas is BY WEIGHT, so check that weight before bidding, you overseas-ers! LPs shipped in a proper box with plastic sleeve, and yes, vinyl shipped outside the sleeve. 
RETURNS: Generally a no go, unless you have a compelling reason. But if there's a serious problem, I'm sure we can figure it out with a return. I mean, I am an adult ... allegedly. But I do try to describe accurately, offer time for questions, and I deal in used records, not new stuff ... yes, it's always kind of a gamble buying via eBay, which is why I try to do my best to make an objective attempt to describe the LP in question. ASK QUESTIONS WHEN IN DOUBT. I promise, we can make this an easy transaction