LP ORHAN GENCEBAY Hor Görme Garibi (Re) Türküola EU-374 - STILL SEALED

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Hor Görme Garibi

        Country of release: Germany, 2017

Original released: 1980

Label: Türküola

Catalogue number: EU-374

Barcode: -

Klappcover/Gatefold Sleeve: Nein/No



 Condition Record: MINT

Condition Cover: MINT

  LP ist noch verschweißt / LP IS STILL SEALED !!!

(Photo von meiner eigenen LP / Photo taken from my own copy)




Tracks Side 1:

1. Bir Teselli Ver (4:21) (Single A-Side, 1971)

2. Hor Görme Garibi (4:04) (Single B-Side, 1971)

3. Sevenler Mesut Olmaz (3:47) (Single A-Side, 1970)

4. Yorgun Gözler (3:50) (Single B-Side, 1971)

5. Sevmiyorum Deme (3:47) (Single B-Side, 1973)

 6. Gönül (3:49) (Single B-Side, 1974)


Tracks Side 2:

 1. Gönül Fırtınası (4:52) (Single A-Side, 1971)

2. Vicdan Azabı (4:46) (Single A-Side, 1970)

3. Severek Ayrılalım (4:17) (Single B-Side, 1971)

 4. Bağrıma Taş Bastım (2:24) (Single B-Side, 1969)

 5. Her Cefa Beni Bulur (3:19) (Single A-Side, 1969)

6. Ümitsiz Aşk (4:11) (Single B-Side, 1970)

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Türküola releases one of the most eclectic and experimental musician of Turkey once again on vinyl. Orhan Gencebay has released many albums both in Turkey and Germany. In Germany the albums were generally released by Türküola and made of eclectic stuff from different albums and singles. Like the albums released in Germany before, this album reflects a version of an existing album, this time debut album of Gencebay. In the debut album Gencebay forces the limits of monophonic but ultra-melodic and tonal Turkish music in the spirit of flower power in fusion with Indian, Greek and Arabic music. And please never underestimate the psychedelic electric on the air as Gencebay was also a catalyzer and host for jazz, psychedelic and traditional musicians of Turkey. In his experimental fusion music you can feel the road to Katmandu, Bouzouki playing of Perpeniadis and an eclectic bağlama usage covering Byzantium music to Turkish folk. A perfect opportunity to meet Gencebay and his first works as a composer, of course with the quality of Türküola. (Türküola)


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