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SWF Session 1973 


Country of release: Germany, 2019

Original recorded: 1973

Label: Long Hair Music

Catalogue number: LHC232

Barcode: 4035177002324

Klappcover/Gatefold Sleeve: Ja/Yes

incl. 2 Pages Insert


 Condition Record: MINT

Condition Cover: MINT

  LP ist noch verschweißt / LP IS STILL SEALED !!!

(Photo von meiner eigenen LP / Photo taken from my own copy)




Tracks Side 1:

1. Flimmerstück (7:46)

2. Bantu (3:10)

1. Tortilla Flat (9:47)


Tracks Side 2:

1. Sophie, Das Henkersmädel (3:18)

2. Das Fest Des Wüstlings (2:50)

3. Die Mitternachtsmaus (2:56)

4. Meilenstein (4:06)

5. Sommerschlaf (7:18)

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Long Hair is not only proud to present Tortilla Flat`s legendary sole album „für ein  ¾ Stündchen“ ( ), but also the groups a lot more legendary broadcast sessions for Germany`s leading underground and Krautrock program on radio SWF (look for the further recordings in this series on LongHair). The mainly instrumental album is very flute and in opposite to the latter album electric violin driven, with very exciting guitar playing accompanied by a rocking drumming and nimble bass lines, very tight! AND VERY TEUTONIC!   There were not so many progressive rock bands in the early 1970ties with were flute and violin dominated, not to forget the great solo play of lead guitarist Manfred Herten. An early version of their main opus “Tortilla Flat” shows the band with violinist Werner Knauber and Herman Basten on flute at its best, a dramatic increase with great tunes. In fact the SWF Sessions` music is very unique, typical Krautrock, psychedelic, complex but always very tuneful. Many flute soloing, exciting great fuzzing guitar soloing and an impressing electric violin sound with that special teutonic Krautrock feel, played by well trained musicians with great composition skills. Besides the longtracks there are three short titles which set music to three poems of famous German poet Christian Morgenstern with great vocals by Manfred Herten. It was a little sensations that rehersal recordings with violinist Werner Knauber was found which led to 3 great sounding bonus tracks, a.o. 10 minutes long title “Suite”, another extraordinaire longtrack. Album insert and CD booklet come with full band story, rare and unseen photos. CD has 3 bonus tracks. All titles are remastered and the sound is brillant. A must have for all lovers of the great German Underground and Krautrock music in the1970ties. Highly High Recommended(Long Hair)

Manfred Herten - Guitar, Vocals
Hermann Josef Basten - Flute, Recorder, Guitar
Werner Knauber - Electric Violin
Heribert Schippers -  Bass
Hans Friedrich Basten -  Drums, Glockenspiel
Albert Schippers - Congas, Percussion


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