Calexico - Edge of the Sun [New Vinyl LP] Digital Download

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Calexico - Edge of the Sun [New Vinyl LP] Digital Download

Artist: Calexico

Title: Edge of the Sun

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

UPC: 045778738014

Release Date: 2015

Record Label: Anti

Album Tracks

1. Falling from the Sky
2. Bullets & Rocks
3. When the Angels Played
4. Tapping on the Line
5. Cumbia de Donde
6. Miles from the Sea
7. Coyoacán
8. Beneath the City of Dreams
9. Woodshed Waltz
10. Moon Never Rises
11. World Undone
12. Follow the River

Calexico is no stranger to negotiating borders. For the better part of two decades, eight albums, and countless trips around the globe, Joey Burns and John Convertino have crossed musical barriers with their band, embracing a multitude of diverse styles. For Edge of the Sun, the band's keyboardist, Sergio Mendoza, stepped up to co-write and arrange certain songs, ultimately co-producing the album along with Burns, Convertino, and longtime associate Craig Schumacher: It was Mendoza who suggested that Calexico physically cross an actual border for a songwriting retreat to the historic Mexico City borough of Coyoacán. In view of the fresh creative perspective provided by the band's journey to New Orleans to make it's previous album, Algiers, Edge of the Sun's Mexican origins would seem destined to have a major impact on the album. The writing here shows Burns and Convertino's ongoing pursuit of the profound melody, creating music at once hauntingly accessible and rich in instrumental texture. With guests including Sam Beam of Iron and Wine, Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses, Nick Urata from Devotchka, Carla Morrison, Gaby Moreno, Amparo Sanchez, multi-instrumentalists from the Greek band Takim, as well as Neko Case, Edge of the Sun weaves a dense tapestry from it's international roster.

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