Lady Gaga - Born This Way [New Vinyl]

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Lady Gaga - Born This Way [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Lady Gaga

Title: Born This Way

Format: Vinyl

Genre: Pop

UPC: 602527641263

Condition: New

Release Date: 2011

Record Label: Interscope Records

Album Tracks

1. Marry the Night
2. Born This Way
3. Government Hooker
4. Judas
5. Americano
6. Hair
7. Schei E
8. Bloody Mary
9. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion

1. Bad Kids
2. Fashion of His Love
3. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
4. Heavy Metal Lover
5. Electric Chapel
6. The Queen
7. You and I
8. The Edge of Glory

Lady Gaga's much-anticipated sophomore set, BORN THIS WAY, finds the superstar re-teaming with her frequent collaborator RedOne on an album that builds upon the daring dance-pop of THE FAME MONSTER, highlighted by the singles "Born This Way" and "Judas".