KEITH HUDSON In Our Father's House / Selassie Cup A Run Over 45 Rebind 7" Blank

Sold Date: May 3, 2021
Start Date: April 23, 2021
Final Price: $67.00 (USD)
Bid Count: 5
Seller Feedback: 377
Buyer Feedback: 882
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     a) In Our Fathers House

     b) Selassie Cup A Run Over

***You might hear digital noise spikes that sound like skips, or sound dropouts due to an old computer and static electricity.

If you need to verify part of a song that sounds off, just ask.

I identify actual skips within auction ONLY if they are actually present.

LISTEN (wont play in Ebay app for iphone - use browser):

Payment due 48 hours after Auction End - DO NOT PAY UNTIL AFTER INVOICE


For orders above $300: DHL, FedEx or UPS ONLY 


$5-8 for 1-5 singles


USPS prices went up this summer – its now $18 to $26ish to Europe/Asia

Orders over $500 will need insurance paid by buyer.

If you don't accept this, please do not bid