Sold Date: August 16, 2021
Start Date: May 16, 2021
Final Price: $140.00 (USD)
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A gold vinyl record in a frame is a great option for home decor and a gift for any holiday!
The photos are made without glass to avoid unnecessary reflections. When buying, you will receive a frame assembled with glass.

At your request, we can make a frame with a different background. To do this, after the purchase, you need to send us a message with your request. Available colours: standard black, black velvet, red velvet, emerald velvet, purple velvet. By default, the background color is used, as in the main photo in the ad.

- Wooden baguette size: width-42cm, length-52cm, height 2.2 cm
- Unbreakable Plexiglass
- Vinyl records with a perfect mirror gold coating that does not crack or deteriorate over the years
- Gold metal plates with images and text on them
- The frame is easy to hang on the wall

In our store you will find a large number of ready-made frames, and we can also make frame with any album you are interested in to order at the same price!

All frames are in stock, we send the order on the day of purchase or the next day!
Discounts when buying multiple frames at the same time!
Personal discounts for regular customers!