Sold Date: June 9, 2021
Start Date: June 9, 2021
Final Price: £380.00 (GBP)
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An original very 1st press of Zep 1 on UK Atlantic. So, lets get the chronology correct on this.... SUPERHYPE credit copies are the earliest copies you can find - from spring 1969. This copy exhibits the 'SUPERHYPE' credit BOTH sides. But interestingly this copy has the original and very 1st uncorrected matrix number 588171. All the later copies will have a strike through the middle 8 and the number 're-drawn'. But this copy PRE-DATES that early matrix revision. This copy is [effectively]  the same as you're likely to find in those very 1st blue-text copies. Matrix A1/B1. In terms of corroborating dating the inner sleeve is helpful too. Correct 'plastic bag warning' with inner bag. It also gives the date code in the bottom right ---  "049".. this equates to April 1969. Remember Zep1 first hit the shelves in the UK in March 1969. So, it's all very nice and consistent and what you'd expect to find on a really early copy. Obviously we'd all like the blue-text version...but there were only 2,000 copies printed so collectors may need to compromise a little and go for the next best thing. The next version of the cover at 1st issue is the orange letter and grey-stripe [along the foot] version you see here. Be sure that your copy mentions the 'Uptight Outta Sight' info on the rear and exhibits the pinched spine too [then you know you have 100% the real deal]. So, it's all here 100% bona fide. And what's more it's in terrific condition.. that incredibly hard to find combination of rarity and high preservation.
Vinyl (Ex) I'm gonna go conservative here on the grading - just to avoid even the mildest disappointment. This copy is one of the best preserved early Zep copies I've ever seen - and that speaks for itself. It has clearly only seen very light careful use over its 50+ year lifespan. Hell, it's even got the waste wax in the spindle hole! I can make out a couple of very light marks per side - nothing that will even vaguely get anywhere even close to this lovely heavy pressed '69 audio. A thorough testing from beginning to end reveals an, at least, EXCELLENT level of playback without reservation. I'm going conservative due the price level on this copy. But quite frankly I have never heard or witnessed better. I guess at least half of what I'm hearing is the fact it has been so lightly used and, perhaps, the additional 10-20% is that this copy i literally as darn close as you're ever likely to get the original masters. Superb dynamics with energy and low-level detail. I can't really recall any evidence of use in the audio at all. I will caveat that to make sure we're 100% realistic - you might detect a few light crackles briefly in, at most, one spot per side [e.g. intro to YTIGC]. But even this intro is probably better than and cleaner than any other original copy I've witnessed. "I Can't Quite You Babe" is quite frankly unbelievable... Never have I heard it like this... What I can guarantee you is that you will never better this copy. It's the full monty in every area. Vocal echoes are there with perfect clarity, low-level percussive tapping - complete clarity. Transients are as good as I've ever heard on Zep 1. Crank it up as high as you like - there's no distortion....anywhere. There is no background - just pure unadulterated sound. Wowzers from start to finish really..>>>
Cover (Ex) An absolute beaut. Difficult to imagine it is from spring 1969 - but it truly is. A lovely clean and white shiny front. All I can make out is a couple of very insignificant thumbnail creases. Worth noting too that the cover lies lovely and flat - unlike many other specimens from this period. There's one tiny thumbnail crease on the rear and very little sign of ageing at all. Edge wear is pretty much totally absent. The spine is 100% intact with just one tiny stress crease in the middle [no issue at all]. Overall the cover retains excellent rigidity. I can't fault it... it's just a total stunner...
Inner (Vg+) The only sign of ageing across the whole Lp can be found on the inner. As you might expect it has aged. It is in reasonable condition with a two inch side split.