Party by Max Webster (Record, 2017)

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Tracklist Max Webster A1Max Webster–Hangover A2Max Webster–Here Among the Cats A3Max Webster–Blowing The Blues Away A4Max Webster–Summer Turning Blue A5Max Webster–Toronto Tontos B1Max Webster–Coming Off The Moon B2Max Webster–Only Your Nose Knows B3Max Webster–Summer's Up B4Max Webster–Lily High Class In Borrowed Shoes C1Max Webster–High Class In Borrowed Shoes C2Max Webster–Diamonds Diamonds C3Max Webster–Gravity C4Max Webster–Words To Words C5Max Webster–America's Veins D1Max Webster–Oh War! D2Max Webster–On The Road D3Max Webster–Rain Child D4Max Webster–In The Context Of The Moon Mutiny Up My Sleeve E1Max Webster–Lip Service E2Max Webster–Astonish Me E3Max Webster–Let Your Man Fly E4Max Webster–Water Me Down E5Max Webster–Distressed F1Max Webster–The Party F2Max Webster–Waterline F3Max Webster–Hawaii F4Max Webster–Beyond The Moon A Million Vacations G1Max Webster–Paradise Skies G2Max Webster–Charmonium G3Max Webster–Night Flights G4Max Webster–Sun Voices G5Max Webster–Moon Voices H1Max Webster–A Million Vacations H2Max Webster–Look Out H3Max Webster–Let Go The Line H4Max Webster–Rascal Houdi H5Max Webster–Research (At Beach Resorts) Live Magnetic Air I1Max Webster–America's Veins I2Max Webster–Paradise Skies I3Max Webster–In The Context Of The Moon I4Max Webster–Night Flights I5Max Webster–Lip Service I6Max Webster–Sarniatown Reggae J1Max Webster–Here Among The Cats J2Max Webster–Gravity J3Max Webster–Waterline J4Max Webster–Charmonium J5Max Webster–Hangover Universal Juveniles K1Max Webster–In The World Of Giants K2Max Webster–Check K3Max Webster–April In Toledo K4Max Webster–Juveniles Don't Stop K5Max Webster–Battle Scar3:40 L1Max Webster–Chalkers L2Max Webster–Drive And Desire L3Max Webster–Blue River Liquor Shine L4Max Webster–What Do You Do With The Urge? L5Max Webster–Cry Out Your Life Limited Edition Bootleg M1Max Webster–Let Go The Line (Live Reunion Show 2007) M2Max Webster–Oh War (Live Oshawa 1979) M3Max Webster–Deep Dive (Contraband - 1982) M4Max Webster–Battlescar (Contraband - 1979) M5Max Webster–Walden 5 (Contraband - 1979 Previously Unreleased) N1Max Webster–In The World Of Giants (Contraband - 1979) N2Max Webster–Better (Contraband - 1979 Previously Unreleased) N3Max Webster–Madcap Scene & The Dread-Lock Theme - Research (At Beach Resorts) - No Matches - No Cigarettes (Live Oshawa 1979) Kim Mitchell EP O1Kim Mitchell–Kids In Action O2Kim Mitchell–Miss Demeanor P1Kim Mitchell–Big Best Summer P2Kim Mitchell–Tennessee Water P3Kim Mitchell–Chain Of Events