Snarky Puppy Immigrance (Vinyl) 12" Album (UK IMPORT)

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Further Details

Title: Immigrance
Condition: New
Format: Vinyl
EAN: 0193483203591
Edition: 12" Album
Genre: Jazz
Style: Fusion
Release Year: 2019
Release Date: 22/03/2019
Description: 'Immigrance' is all about movement. 'The idea here is that everything is fluid, that everything is always moving and that we're all in a constant state of immigration', explains Michael League. 'Obviously the album's title is not without political undertones'. Like 'Culcha Vulcha', 'Immigrance' is a studio project, and it features most of the same musicians. And though it shares that project's ace musicianship and dynamic, kinetic spirit, it is also more raw and moodier than its predecessor. Several of the compositions put a newfound emphasis on delivering simpler, streamlined impact. With 'Immigrance', Snarky Puppy is essentially practicing what it's preached all along: People from different places can bring their various strengths and experiences, and that can be beautiful and cohesive. The band itself is a representation of that musical expression.
No Of Discs: 2
Artist: Snarky Puppy
Run Time: 54.22
Record Label: GroundUp Music LLC
1-1 Chonks
1-2 Bigly Strictness
1-3 Coven
1-4 Bling Bling
1-5 Xavi
1-6 While We're Young
1-7 Bad Kids to the Back
1-8 Even Us

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