Hawkwind - We Are Looking In On You [New Vinyl LP] UK - Import

Sold Date: March 30, 2023
Start Date: January 30, 2023
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Hawkwind - We Are Looking In On You [New Vinyl LP] UK - Import

Artist: Hawkwind

Title: We Are Looking In On You

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

UPC: 5013929186415

Release Date: 2023

Record Label: Cherry Red

Album Tracks

1. Magnu
2. Cave of Phantom Dreams
3. Unsomnia
4. Uncle Sam's on Mars
5. Usb1
6. Spirit of the Age

1. It's Only a Dream
2. Peace
3. Right to Decide
4. Levitation
5. Brainstorm
6. Neurons
7. In the Beginning

Double vinyl LP pressing. Prolific space rock band Hawkwind return with a live album. Featuring the best cuts from their recent live dates across the UK, We Are Looking In On You celebrates their legendary past alongside their critically acclaimed new music. Superbly capturing highlights from Hawkwind's illustrious canon, including 'Uncle Sam's On Mars', 'Spirit Of The Age' and 'Levitation', all sitting seamlessly alongside current classics such as 'Unsomnia', 'Cave Of Phantom Dreams' and 'It's Only A Dream' from 2021's acclaimed studio album Somnia. A must have for any Hawkwind fan!

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