27000 records VG+ to MINT all music genres & some garage rock/north soul 45 RPMs

Sold Date: April 1, 2024
Start Date: March 25, 2024
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From year 1949 - 2020, 27000 (45 records)(1000 of them have photo sleeves as well) VG+ to MINT all music genres, must pickup in person in mandan, north dakota SEE IN PERSON BEFORE BUYING SEE IN PERSON BEFORE BUYING, more than a decade ago appraised value was NEAR THREE  hundred thousand dollar and VINYL RECORD PRICES HAVE GONE UP 20% A YEAR in past decade so worth more now, great for record seller or reseller, more valuations details below,  vinyl records are a good investment as values have been increasing more than 20% yearly, dozens of BRAND NEW BOXES-all the same size boxes, Sold as is i AM TOP RATED EBAY SELLER and due to the size of this large lot, no returns/durations applicable. NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE ON THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY $3000 AS AN ADDED SHIPPING CHARGE FOR UNITED STATES ONLY as i would have to double box all with custom boxes around the original boxes to ship, ALL BOXES ARE THE SAME SIZE, MUST PICKUP IN PERSON IN MANDAN, NORTH DAKOTA U.S.A.MORE THAN 99% OF COLLECTION IS VG+ TO MINT. (((IF I HAD TO GUESS ROUGH ESTIMATE, I WOULD SAY 1/4 ROCK OR ROCKABILLY, 1/4 POP, 3/8 COUNTRY AND 1/8 ALL THE OTHER MUSIC GENRES ALREADY LISTED IN THIS AD.))) INCLUDES 1300 45s with their photo sleeves, 

all (45 records)VG+ to MINT all music genres & few garage rock/north soul. must pickup in person in mandan,  north dakota USA
QUESTIONS? EMAIL ME.  NO PICKERS SERIOUS BUYERS OF ENTIRE COLLECTION ONLY ( COLLECTION HAS NOT BEEN PICKED THROUGH!!! ) from 1949 when 7 inch, 45rpm records were first made to 2020, most are between 1950's and year 2000, was my dad's collection who passed away who was an avid record collector, boxed very carefully and 26000 45s un-sleeved as VERY CAREFULLY I took out of file cabinets to box up , DOZENS AND DOZENS of rare record labels i have never seen before,
99% OF COLLECTION IS VERY GOOD++ TO MINT, MOST ARE NEAR MINT, music genres include CLASSIC ROCK/POP/COUNTRY/HIPHOP/R&B/SOUL/FUNK/BLUES/JAZZ/PUNK/NEW WAVE/ELECTRONIC/TECHNO/DISCO/FOREIGN MUSIC/FOLK/COUNTRY WESTERN/DOOWOP & very very small amount less than 50 or so records of childrens/christmas/classical/religious. THERE ARE HUNDREDS and hundreds of PROMO'S near mint.
(((IF I HAD TO GUESS ROUGH ESTIMATE, I WOULD SAY 1/4 ROCK OR ROCKABILLY, 1/4 POP, 3/8 COUNTRY AND 1/8 ALL THE OTHER MUSIC GENRES ALREADY LISTED IN THIS AD.))) ALL RECORDS always indoors and stored properly, NO LIST AVAILABLE so do not ask for a list of bands, titles or any other list, AND must pickup in person. ALL OF THESE each sells for near $10 or more on internet ((SOME SELL FOR $100 OR MORE each according to my mom as many rare record label/artists I do not recognize or know pricing)) I AM NOT A RECORD appraisal EXPERT or pricing EXPERT BUT have expertise ON GRADING RECORDS AS I only listen to 33 rpm LPS/ RECORD ALBUMS which I KEEP as i buy one at a time from discogs or ebay, record trade shows, etcetera. I have no use for the 45s my parents collected.

I NEED SPACE so i am selling my dad's 45 rpm 7" collection, THESE WILL SELL FAST NO PICKERS, NO TIME WASTERS, THIS "LOT" IS ONLY SOLD AS A LOT TO A SERIOUS BUYER, i HAVE THEM IN boxes SEE PHOTO OF some of the BOXES all boxes are the same size , so easy to flip through with index finger to verify the music genres singers and titles and to check. i grade records fairly, Anyone who wants to look at every single 45 record meaning A PICKER will not be available to buy this LOT. A serious buyer can use their index finger to verify it is all as stated in the ad. FOR ANY BUYER WHO WANTS TO TAKE more than an hour or MORE OF TIME TO PICKUP DO NOT REPLY TO THIS AD as about a minute a box is sufficient for inspection, as i have to sell from the house where located, when i am not working during free time. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE FIRST PERSON TO SHOW PAY THE THE OFFER PRICE TAKES THIS LOT OF RECORDS, please do not message me asking for a LIST OF THE TITLES OR SINGERS, AS I will not be able to do that, I have great feedback on this site and anyone who knows music obviously knows that as most of these records are before the year 2000 the types of singers, bands, titles, and genres. There are hundreds of records in THE COLLECTION are from the years 2000 to 2020 WHICH ARE VALUABLE AS RECORD COMPANIES PRESSED SMALL AMOUNTS OF 45S AFTER THE YEAR 2000 MAKING THESE RARE. There are some jukebox 45s that have some duplicate copies near mint condition as my parents also collected jukebox 45s.

Some records could be worth near $100 or more according to my mom who knew about my fathers collection which has lots of record labels i do not recognize as I am not a collector of 45's and there are 100's of record labels i have never seen before .
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