LP GINHOUSE Ginhouse - Re-Release - Akarma AK 401 MINT/MINT

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Country of release: Italy, 2007

Original released: 1971

Label: Akarma

Catalogue number: AK 401

Barcode: -

Klappcover/Gatefold Sleeve: Ja/Yes



 Condition Record: MINT (Unplayed)

Condition Cover: MINT



Tracks Side 1:

1. Tyne God (5:27)
2. I Cannot Understand (4:16)
3. The Journey (5:55)
4. Portrait Picture (5:42)
5. Fair Stood The Wind (2:48)


Tracks Side 2:

1. And I Love Her (3:09)

2. Life (4:27)
3. The Morning After (5:11)
4. The House (3:30)
5. Sun In The Bottle (5:03)


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A hard rock trio from Newcastle whose album is now rare. They had a good reputation as a live act and wrote some strong material on their album, with the continuous track "The House/Sun In A Bottle" the highlight, alongside a cover version of The Beatles' "And I Love Her". Geoff Sharkey had earlier played in Sammy. (orexisofdeath.blogspot.de)

Geoff Sharkey - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Stewart Burlison - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Dave Whitaker - Drums


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