Buddy Holly - Second Album [New Vinyl LP] Spain - Import

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Buddy Holly - Second Album [New Vinyl LP] Spain - Import

Artist: Buddy Holly

Title: Second Album

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Oldies

UPC: 8436542017596

Release Date: 2015

Record Label: Waxtime

Album Tracks

1. I'm Gonna Love You Too
2. Peggy Sue
3. Look at Me
4. Listen to Me
5. Valley of Tears
6. Ready Teddy
7. Now We're One

1. Everyday
2. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
3. Words of Love
4. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
5. Rave On
6. Little Baby
7. Ting-a-ling

EU-only 180 gm vinyl LP pressing including two bonus tracks and digital download. This vinyl edition includes Holly's eponymous second LP, BUDDY HOLLY, which was first released by Brunswick Records on February 20, 1958. The album is overflowing with such catchy melodies that listeners will probably start humming along the first time they hear them. Most brilliantly of all is how these songs are rendered in the simplest of terms, with a rolling drum beat or a rhythm guitar solo whose tone couldn't be improved by any amount of studio electronics or multi-track retakes. In addition to the original masterpiece, this WaxTime collector's item contains two bonus tracks. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of Buddy Holly's work is that although he died fifty-six years ago, his records still sound so fresh.

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