Homeshake - Helium [New Vinyl LP]

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Homeshake - Helium [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Homeshake

Title: Helium

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

UPC: 858458006606

Release Date: 2019

Record Label: Sinderlyn

Album Tracks

1. Early
2. Anything at All
3. Like Mariah
4. Heartburn
5. All Night Long
6. Trudi and Lou
7. Just Like My
8. Nothing Could Be Better
9. Other Than
10. Salu Says Hi
11. Another Thing
12. Couch Cushion
13. (Secret Track)

Over his first three albums, Homeshake's Peter Sagar followed his own idiosyncratic vision, a journey that's taken him from sturdy guitar-based indie-pop to a bleary-eyed take on lo-fi R&B. Now, with Helium, Sagar is putting down roots in aesthetic territory all his own. It comes through not only in the gauziness of the production, but also in the vulnerability of the songs themselves. Everyone Sagar encounters here - including himself - seems to be a step removed from present reality, whether by technology ("Anything At All"), solitude ("Just Like My"), or sweet fantasy ("Like Mariah"). Helium was recorded and mixed by Sagar alone in his apartment in Montreal in early 2018. Freed of the rigid editing process he'd endured before, he was able to lose himself in pursuit of tone and texture. A budding interest in ambient and experimental music pushed him to tinker with the micro-sounds that surround the songs here. The warm chords of a Roland Juno 60 form the album's base, and gave him a clean palette with which to work. "No tape hiss, no humming power outlets and shitty mixing boards," as he puts it. "Everything just came out nice and pure."

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