Defecation - Killing With Kindness [New Vinyl LP]

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Defecation - Killing With Kindness [New Vinyl LP]

Artist: Defecation

Title: Killing With Kindness

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Heavy Metal

UPC: 5683867701065

Release Date: 2019

Record Label: Metal Bastard

Defecation needed just two releases to become a legend among the grindcore community. The 2 classic albums landed like an atom bomb on unsuspecting minds, opening a new chapter in extreme music. 15 years later Defecation return to glory with the new studio album "Killing with kindness", which is another masterpiece of sick and brutal sounds. You can once again witness the power of true destruction. The new albums contains 8 long tracks full of hate, brutality, grinding metal - that´s for the love of extreme music.

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