Sold Date: June 3, 2021
Start Date: June 3, 2021
Final Price: $50.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 1034
Buyer Feedback: 61

This is a rare very clean very early US mono pressing of the fourth album by The Rolling Stones, Now, released in 1965 on maroon label with London unboxed at top. There are at least 3 mono label variants of this album from roughly the same time frame with which I am familiar. This edition although still rare is known not be be a very first edition because the original liner notes on the original back album cover contained language referencing the blind that was found to have been offensive and was removed. This edition contains the edited liner notes cover. This album essentially paid homage to the band’s rhythm and blues roots with covers of a number of Chicago blues classics and the album in part was recorded at Chess Studios in Chicago. The album includes one of their classics. Heart of Stone. A later issued red boxed mono label edition of this album in similar condition recently sold for $125. At listing there were no mono pressings of this album in similar condition available from a US seller.

The LP visually is in excellent condition with a short light hairline and a fairly long but extremely light and inaudible elliptical needle trail, but LP plays very cleanly. The cover is in very good plus condition. All corners are sharp with just very slight tip wear on bottom mouth corner. The spine is strong with little wear. The top seam is strong with no splits and just few small spots of rub wear. The bottom is reasonably clean with just slightly more rub wear with a slight split of little over inch at mouth corner. The front cover is reasonably clean with an area of damage lower part of cover near mouth and a scratch near bottom of middle area of cover. The back cover is reasonably clean although there is writing near mouth of back cover and some age wear. : In grading I use excellent instead of using VG++ to describe item just a notch below near mint.

Please understand that opened play graded copies may have been graded several weeks before listing and may be available for sale for some time, so the LP must be cleaned again before play. LP's are cleaned manually as I no longer have machine, so matter may have settled in the grooves in the interim. Please do not claim LP is not as described if you play the LP without first cleaning the LP.

The LP will be shipped within 24 hours of payment, which is expected within 3 days of auction end, in specially made LP mailer with the LP separated from the cover (for unsealed items) and well packaged to protect the item from damage during shipment. Returns are accepted with buyer paying return shipping cost as long as contact is made within 30 days after receipt and as long as LP is returned in the condition received. Return of sealed items will only be permitted if returned unopened. Please note that I will not grant partial refunds

Shipping cost is $4 per LP which includes cost of material used. To reduce shipping cost, I will combine shipping on multiple items bid and won during the same auction cycle. Please do not pay until I have had the opportunity to manually adjust the shipping cost. I cannot hold items for multiple auction cycles as it will affect my EBAY standing in so far as it concerns shipment time.

I only accept bids from continental US based buyers and will only ship to an address within the continental US, recorded for the buyer on PAYPAL, which is the only method I can accept for payment. However, if a buyer registers on Ebay with an address that is not their residence but merely the address of an international freight forwarding commercial entity that then forwards the item outside the US, I will cancel that transaction and impose a block on that bidder. I cannot and will not be responsible for damage that may be caused to an item because it is subject of international reshipment.

Please keep in mind that I am a person looking to sell their collection and not a store or commercial seller. I play grade open items sold and do the best I can in the process to give an honest assessment of the item As is shown by my feedback I think I do a good job of satisfying most buyers. I leave feedback for all buyers and if you are satisfied with the transaction I would greatly appreciate positive feedback from the buyer as well. It does not take very long and is very important to me as seller. If for any reason you cannot leave positive feedback or are not satisfied, please have the courtesy of contacting me before leaving negative or neutral feedback. In almost all cases the issue can be worked out to the buyers satisfaction even if it means returning the item. If the item is not as described I will bear all shipping costs including return shipping. If a buyer behaves in a rude or unreasonable manner, and/ or fails to contact me to address issues they have with an item before negative or neutral feedback is left, I will block that buyer from further auction participation. I also reserve the right to block any buyer that leaves negative or neutral feedback when I have done everything possible to put the buyer in a position as if the transaction had not taken place.

If a buyer requests LP return because it is claimed that an LP is not as described and on return it is found that LP is just as described, I will block that person from further auction participation. I felt I had to take this latest action as I have encountered few too many people who do not do their due diligence in cleaning the record before play, or are just plain dishonest. I will also report to eBay any buyer that returns an album at my expense where there is nothing wrong with album. If you want to return an album that you just do not want and there is nothing wrong with the LP, then unless you want to be blocked from future auctions, you must pay return postage, simple as that.

I am auctioning almost 5000 records of my own collection, including rock. soul, blues and jazz, that are very clean and, included are some very rare items that rarely are available