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Country of release: Germany, 2015

Original released: 1971

Label: Long Hair Music

Catalogue number: LHC000146

Barcode: 4035177001464

Klappcover/Gatefold Sleeve: Ja/Yes

Includes Insert


 Condition Record: MINT

Condition Cover: MINT

 LP ist noch verschweißt / LP IS STILL SEALED !!!

(Photo von meiner eigenen LP / Photo taken from my own copy)




Tracks Side 1:

1. Inferno - Drosselbart (3:59)

2. Jemima (3:37)

3. Liebe Ist Nur Ein Wort (4:24)

4. Du Bist Der Eine Weg (3:42)

5. Engel Des Todes (4:56)

6. An Einem Tag Im August (3:34) (Bonustrack)


Tracks Side 2:

1. Böse Buben (3:21)

2. Vater Unser (2:58) 

3. Folg Mir (2:38)

4. Montag (2:43)

5. Nach Einer Langen Nacht (3:48)

6. Der Sommer (Inclusive Der Sturm) (4:02)

7. O'Driscoll (3:37) (Bonustrack)


Listen At YouTube:


Originally released in 1971 on Polydor. This is an example of early German heavy psychedelic rock, akin to early TOMORROW'S GIFT and THE DOORS as a rock critic mentioned in a review in Sounds (Germany 4/71).

The musicians are good and the heavy rocking parts and psychedelic effects reveal some catchy moments, however the compositions suffer of poor ideas and some misplaced pseudo religious chants & harmonies. This last tendency doesn't work with the basic psych-rock weirdness in the background. "Inferno" is an aggressive heavy rock "trip" with Hammond organs and frenetic voices. The crying female voices added on it are out of place. The weakest part of the album. The best tracks are the melodic "Jemima" with its piano notes, stoned, desperate voices and a nice heavy-kraut groove, also the pastoral, meditative, acoustic & folkish "Du bist der eine Weg". "Engel des Todes" is a "stoned", aggressive, conventional heavy rock piece with weird crying voices at the end, crazy organs..."Folg Mir" is an other eccentric, dynamic rock excursion in the genre of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. Mysterious, gentle kraut-psychedelica cut with touches of a wild heavy rock. Certainly not among the best but a few songs reveal impressive immersive feelings within a nice musical aesthetic. (rutracker.org)

Peter Randl - Vocals, Guitar
Christian Trachsel - Organ, Piano
Dietmar Mainka  - Guitar
Martin Honemeyer - Drums
Werner Schüler - Bass
Jemina - Vocals
Ralf Nowy - Flute (Guest Musician)


Versicherter Versand innerhalb von  Deutschland (generell innerhalb von 24 Stunden)

 Keine weiteren Versandkosten ab der zweiten LP!!



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