Ragtime Music 78 Record He'd Have To Get Under Billy Murray Rare LISTEN 78 RPM

Sold Date: September 25, 2022
Start Date: March 22, 2022
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For your consideration is a rare vintage 10 inch 78 rpm by Billy Murray entitled He'd Have To Get Under - Get Out and Get Under b/w Wilhelm the Grocer performed by Ada Jones. Great vaudeville disc by Murray. Classic automobile themed lyrics. Fun one. Hear below. 

All of our old shellac and vinyl 78 records are packed with utmost care and precaution so as to ensure they arrive to you in the same condition in which they were shipped out. I have extensive experience shipping 78s. For an in depth explanation of my shipping methods, see the bottom of this page. All items will be shipped within 3 days of purchase. All good faith offers thoroughly considered.

Further, for your purchasing consideration, a video link has been provided below to provide the option to listen to a short segment of one side of this disc. Please keep in mind that rather economical equipment was used and 78s only received a light cleaning. For the highest fidelity reproduction results, a correct sized, well maintained stylus should always be used and antique records should also always receive a deep cleaning with a stiff bristled brush and a non-alcohol based soap. I do not provide grading beyond what is required by eBay. If the photographs and sound sample prove insufficient, do not hesitate to reach out with a question, as well as any other type of inquiry related to an item. 

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