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Third Eye Blind: Arion Salazar (vocals, guitar, electric sitar, piano, Wurlitzer piano, Mellotron, Optigan, bass, Theremin); Kevin Cadogan (vocals, guitar, electric sitar, piano); Stephan Jenkins (vocals, guitar, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, percussion); Brad Hargreaves (vocals, piano, drums).
Additional personnel: Caitlin Cornwell, Ledisi, Teal Collins, Mauri Skinfill, Chris Manning, Golden Gate Boys Choir (vocals); Carla Kihlstedt, Marika Hughes (strings); Ben Kramer (trumpet); Marc Capelle (piano, Clavinet); D.J. Chutney (tamboura).
Producers: Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind, The Mud Sisters, Arion Salazar.
Recorded at The Mud Room and Toast Studios, San Francisco, California; The Plant, Sausalito, California.
Third Eye Blind has enough vision to swerve clear of the sophomore jinx. While you won't find a "Semi-Charmed" on BLUE, there is enough thoughtful, well-crafted pop to keep the band in the grace of its fans. The album opens with the short, blistering "Anything," a track that cuts out just as the song's hook pulls you in. The radio-friendly "Never Let You Go" bears an unshakable chorus. "Deep Inside of You" shows 3EB to be developing further as accomplished power balladeers. A poetic stream of consciousness takes shape in "An Ode to Maybe." "The Red Summer Sun," which begins as an atmospheric and mid-tempo piece, goes off on a strange tangent that finds vocalist Stephan Jenkins doing his best Axl Rose impression, and then returns to a trippy outro that reprises as a hidden track at the end of "Darwin."
BLUE is a largely introspective affair, especially in tracks like "Darkness," where Jenkins sings, "And the world darkens around me / strange friends surround me." That perspective is the key that makes Third Eye Blind's songs hit home emotionally. The diversity and risks the band takes on BLUE will surely help the group avoid any one-hit-wonder labelings.

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