Sold Date: January 24, 2023
Start Date: January 23, 2023
Final Price: $1,499.00 (USD)
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Beatles 3rd State Rare Stereo Scranton PA Professionally Peeled Butcher Cover w/Trunk Slick
Please read entire description/auction terms prior to bidding on this item. Thank You 

Professionally Peeled Butcher Covers and Stereo Covers in particular have steadily risen in value of the last few years and are fetching crazy numbers in high profile catalog auctions. These stereo pressings, according to Capitol Records production statistics are far more rare than their mono counterparts and rarely show up is displayable condition. Look around at what is available. There are very few stereo peels of this quality. Unfortunately, too many covers continue to be severely damaged by amateur peels and it pays to invest wisely and carefully consider the quality of the peel when investing in a 3rd state (peeled) cover. This scarce Scranton PA Stereo cover is a very respectable copy with some minor condition issues. These Stereo jackets can be notoriously difficult to peel but this one is decent and the photos don't really do it justice. Please view all photos prior to bidding including the close of photo which demonstrates the quality of the peel.
This Butcher Cover is a first time offering. This item will be safely and securely double boxed and shipped to you via Priority Mail. A high quality peel recently sold in a catalog auction for $7500 ! Look for yourself at the offerings on the net and compare. This is a great opportunity to purchase a jacket that you will be proud to display and one that would be perfect to frame. Please read complete description prior to bidding.
Butcher Cover is awesome and something that any fan would treasure. Minor appearance of Capitol factory brown glue residue/discoloration staining which is common on these (especially on the white areas if not stored in a 100% dry environment). The seams and spine are decent on this jacket with minor issues. Glue residue/Capitol factory brush lines from application of that adhesive (at the original Capitol pressing plant) used to adhere the trunk cover don't distract too much on this cover and are much more tolerable than what is usually seen on these Scranton Peels. No huge areas of damage here but a few small areas that look like light abrasions in the few small spots mostly confined to the bottom corners. Please see photos and text below for further more specific details about the actual physical condition of the jacket .
Top seam is mostly complete with just slightly over an inch of slight paper cracking and a small tip of missing paper/rub to the very end of the top seam on the right end tip. Bottom seam also decent with just hint of a beginning  of a small inch hairline crack in the very center of the seam. Only noticeable on close inspection. Please see photos. There is a minor repair on the inside of the jacket at the very bottom at the top of the white border neatly securing where there was a crack just above the white border and Ringo's black pants that slightly separated the border on an inch near the bottom right hand corner. Given the age/repair/frailty of the seams, the vinyl record/inner sleeve should never be attempted to be placed in the album jacket.
Spine is mostly complete with the only paper loss being in the very middle of the seam and at the very tip ends. Spine printing is still legible.
Back Of Jacket: 
The back of the jacket shows light to moderate ring wear here and there. Light stain on the left hand just past the halfway point on the jacket. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
Trunk Slick: 
Removed Trunk Slick is included some wear/tear/repair and wrinkling as seen in photo. Not too terrible and could be framed.
Record/Inner Sleeve: 
Stereo Record that came with this jacket is included in VG visual condition. Plays through without skips with some light background noise that doesn't overpower the music but is present during quiet moments.
1966 Capitol Goldenrod INNER SLEEVE is included in this auction.

Look around for prices and quality on Stereo peels out there. Many are noticeable amateur efforts with pronounced severe damage from unprofessional peeling. Not the case here. Although there is some discoloration on this jacket, it still presents better than 95% of all Stereo peels that you see out there in this price range. This is an awesome piece of Rock and Roll history and rare in this condition.
Terms Of Auction/Shipping:
Due to the recent inflation and subsequent increases in actual USPS shipping costs, Buyer pays $39.00 for properly packed double boxed priority shipping with tracking. Shipping of such a high value, large package with significant weigh is costly and labor intensive and will likely be more that what is being charged here. Regardless, the cost to you will be capped at $39.00. No International Shipping on this item. Bidders with low feedback or new accounts must contact us prior to bidding on this item. Seller reserves the right to cancel bids at any time. Due to the exceptional cost and labor involved in shipping this item, this is being sold "AS IS" and there are No Returns on this purchase. Please review all photos and descriptions and please contact with questions prior to bidding. This item has been through a laborious process from the 2nd state to what you see here, and as such, the grading is unique on this item.This cannot be graded like a comic book or a baseball card due to the fact that this jacket has twice been altered from its original state, once by the paste over process at the Capitol Factory and likewise by the peeling process. Any minor imperfections are from either process. The photos speak for themselves and we do our best to accurately grade these historic artifacts. 
Please note: Beatles T-shirt seen in background is NOT included in auction. 
Thank You and Happy Bidding !