Echo and The Bunnymen – Ocean Rain – Vinyl, LP, Reissue, 1972 Records, 2011, NEW

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Echo & The Bunnymen - "Ocean Rain"

2011 Black Vinyl LP - Reissue

Brand new, sealed.

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Brand new, sealed #vinyl LP repressing of this 1984 album from the Liverpudlian quartet. Following the more Rock-oriented material on their first albums, the songs on Ocean Rain were a departure. The aim was to make something conceptual with lush orchestration, but with a twist. The band employed a 35-piece orchestra for Ocean Rain. Guitarist Will Sergeant would later describe the finished recording as ‘windswept; dark and stormy.’ the Scott Walker / Love inspired string arrangements, unusual instrumentation, inventive recording techniques and McCulloch’s abstract and bewildering mysticism all added to the unique and timeless quality of the album.