Greek Vinyl : Μανώλης Αγγελόπουλος - Μας Χωρίζει Η Ζωή/M.Angelopoulos

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Near Mint condition       [ See all my offerings of great Greek LP's ]  *** All records are from my personal collection   Μανώλης Αγγελόπουλος - Μας Χωρίζει Η Ζωή Release date : 1982 Nicknamed 'βασιλιά των τσιγγάνων', Μανώλης is 100% Romani and due to the fact that he was born into the caravan community, his exact place of birth is not quite placed. Born in 1939, a heavy smoker, he died prematurely due to complications his heart surgery in London at the age of just 49. Needless to say, over 300,000 murners were present. Manolis, unlike Kazantzidis is probably more of a maestro in the style of ballads and tsiftetelia rather than zeimbekiko.

Hugely successful, the first single to be released from this LP was MASSIVE < Πήρε φωτιά η Καλαμαριά >, in keeping with the average 7 inch single, it still contained the huge intro of almost 50 seconds with his large orchestra that he was reknowned for, baglama. This was shortly followed with an equally successful tsiftetelia release < Χαβαλές >.  < Αυτή Τη Νύχτα > was the third release and is considered on par with < Τα μαύρα μάτια σου > in terms of success for Manolis into the early 1980's.
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Μας Χωρίζει Η Ζωή

Πήρε Φωτιά Η Καλαμαριά

Τα Σφάλματα Σου

Όταν Ακούω Τη Βροχή

Δεν Φανταζόμουνα

Τσιγγάνας Γάλα


Μόνο Εσύ

Με Βαμμένα Τα Χείλη

Κι Απόψε Μεσ' Τη Παγωνιά

Αυτή Τη Νύχτα

Δεν Ξέρω Αν Σ' Αγαπώ