Amon Duul - Paradieswarts Duul [Used Very Good Vinyl LP]

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Amon Duul - Paradieswarts Duul [Used Very Good Vinyl LP]

Artist: Amon Duul

Title: Paradieswarts Duul

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

UPC: 4059251399094

Release Date: 2022

Record Label: Ohr

Vinyl LP pressing. Paradieswärts Düül is a 1970 psychedelic rock album by the German band Amon Düül. It was the final Amon Düül album to be recorded. In contrast to the communal, free-form improvisations of the earlier Amon Düül albums (generally thought to have all been recorded in a single "jam session" with various commune members coming and going throughout), Paradieswarts Düül was recorded with a smaller, more stable lineup of musicians. The pastoral, folk-influenced sound of the record has been compared to the gentler work of American bands Love and The Velvet Underground.

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