DEVIL DOLL Girl Who Was Death LP Hurdy Gurdy Number One HG1RE M- Mr. Doctor Prog

Sold Date: May 24, 2023
Start Date: May 13, 2023
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Devil Doll  - The Girl Who Was...Death, vinyl / LP / record album.  Composed by Mr. Doctor (Mario Panciera), and performed with twelve other band members (the Devil Doll Sect, plus guests) and a 'Chorus'.  Instruments listed: Voice, keyboards, grand piano, guitar, 1st and 2nd violins, percussions, additional guitar, tuba, more keyboards, bass, drums, backing voice, and harp; plus The Devil Chorus, with conductor.  The whole piece -- one song covering both sides of the record -- is inspired by The Prisoner TV series, starring Patrick McGoohan.  So, a concept album.  'Hurdy Gurdy Number One' is the labeling on the lower spine of the cover, and 'HG 1 / RE' on the endwax.  On side B, the following is etched into the endwax: 'Be Seeing You!'.  On the inner sleeve is the  note that tells you which issue this is: "Remastered and slightly remixed. Limited reissue 500 copies. A Devil Doll Fan Club 1993 Project".  Originally released in 1988, this is the second issue, from 1993.  I purchased this new when it was released, and never played it.  Any area that looks less than perfect, I took pictures of, which may be viewed, and enlarged, above.  The cover has no ringwear, tears, holes, cuts, or markings of any kind whatsoever; but it does have some small corner bends and dings from being shipped from overseas, prior to my receiving it. Those bends are the only non-mint part of the cover. The record itself has no warps, or scratches of any kind; but there is what might be called sleeve scuffing that I've taken a close up of, that line you see, and some scuffs next to that.  (I'm sorry about the glare from the light. Vinyl is tricky to take decent photos of, due to it's high reflectivity.)  Since it is unplayed, I'm going to keep it that way.  ...I may be listing several other records in the next few days, and will combine shipping, no extra postage for any additional LPs.  How I will pack the LP: The professional way, with the vinyl placed outside of the cover, and both inside a plastic outer to prevent seam splits during shipping.  Also, I will put the record in a different inner sleeve to keep the original that came with it (shown above) in top shape.  As well as that, when you reach in to get the inner sleeve with the record, the open side of the inner will be away from where your fingers reach to prevent accidental touching or fingernails.  (I can't believe the number of sellers who faithfully do place the vinyl outside the cover, but the record is ready to roll right out once you take it out of the box.)  There will be at least two solid pieces of cardboard on both sides of the record, with the box itself making a third layer.  For the corners, I will either add extra padding to the corners, or use a long box. 
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