Pink Floyd~The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn~Japan Orig'67 Odeon OP8229 Red Wax Obi

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Monstrously rare 1st Japanese pressing copy of Pink Floyd’s debut album “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” whose official release in Japan occurred on December 5, 1967. According to the release information presented on Pink Floyd Archives almost all original Odeon Records album issues pressed on the red wax EverClean vinyl had a limited quantity and it’s generally accepted that no more than 500~600 copies of each album were pressed. The rest of the copies were executed on the black vinyl. Without any exaggeration, it could be said that this pressing is the rarest and most collectible out of all international Pink Floyd issues including the UK and US pressings. Original single-type glossy laminated flip-over cardboard cover with a “Kaleidoscope” image of the band along with the Odeon Records logo and 4-digit OP-8229 catalog number in the top right corner contains the original green “Arrow” Obi with the OP-8229 catalog number and ¥2,000 recommended price below the Odeon Records logo. The back cover with the flip-over edges contains the song titles in Japanese and English with timings, the OP-8229 catalog number and EverClean Records logo at the top. The middle part of the back cover has a long text telling the story of Pink Floyd and the band members’ biographies. This copy contains the original unused Toshiba Musical Industries Ltd. “World Records” 2-sided mail order postcard insert. The original Japanese style EverClean Records inner sleeve with the fold-over top flap and other 70 releases pressed using the anti-static EverClean technology on the red wax. Original 1-sheet paper insert with the OP-8229 catalog number, song titles and lyrics for all of the album’s songs in English, including “See Emily Play”. The Japanese release of “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” includes all of the songs from the original British release of the album plus the extra song “See Emily Play” added to the end of Side Two. Original 1st print Odeon Records black with silver print labels contain the 1st pressing OP-8229 catalog number (The catalog number of the second Japanese pressing is OP- 80281) and a large Odeon Records logo on the left. The top of the labels contains the “Mfd. Under Licence By Toshiba Musical Industries Ltd. in Japan” rim text. 1st pressing red wax EverClean vinyl with the very early 1st -1S / -1S matrix numbers. The full matrix numbers are as follows: Side 1 - YAX-3419 1SA 2 EverClean Symbol 7K; Side 2 - OP-8229-B 1S 3 EverClean Symbol.

The glossy laminated cover is in stunning Near Mint Minus condition, just like the green "Arrow" obi which has only a couple of small barely noticeable age scuffs. The mail order postcard insert, lyrics sheet and EverClean inner sleeve are also in Near Mint Minus condition. The glossy red wax vinyl is graded Excellent Minus and only contains a few very light and barely noticeable non-feelable hairlines. The clean labels in Excellent condition are completely scuff- and wear-free and would be Near Mint Minus if it wasn't due to a few very light spindle marks that can be seen under a strong light source. The vinyl plays beautifully with just some very light occasional static. Side 1 has a series of very light pops at the end of Track 3, but our phonograph's tonearm is set to a light weight and if the weight of your tonearm is heavier than perhaps you aren't going to hear it. This and the static would also most likely go away if the record was professionally cleaned using a VPI cleaning machine.



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