Bach Heinz Wunderlich Orgelwerke Live Arp Schnitger 10 LPs, play-tested HEAR!

Sold Date: December 6, 2017
Start Date: October 25, 2017
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This listing
All 10 records visually in NM+ condition: flawless surfaces, most look untouched.  Viewed in bright light.  
Play testing reveals excellent clarity and fidelity.  Audio sample below.  Like new luster.  Outer sleeve NM with very little wear.  
Please see photos and ask any questions.  

J.S. Bach - Orgelwerke Live / organ works / oeuvres pour orgue Heinz Wunderlich plays on an Arp Schnitger Organ, Hauptkirche in St. Jacobi Hamburg DMM  / Arp-Schnitger-Records catalog ASR 00030 through 00038b
Bach Preludes, Toccatas, Fugues, Partitas, and more Pachelbel Preludes, Partita "Christus, Der ist mein Leben" Buxtehude Prelude and Fugue in E minor, Ciacona in C minor

 Click below to hear a sample:  (please excuse hiss from my recording setup, and consider that your audio system will sound different-- probably better.)

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My Vinyl Philosophy
Some sellers rely solely on "visual grading", hiding the fact that even though a record looks pristine, it may sound terrible.  Records that I review are play-tested and their sonic qualities described.  I won't list pressings which sound muted in any range, compressed, or that are just not recorded "hot" enough.  Those with significant noise will be listed only if the record or performance is rare.  
As most collectors know, even identical pressings can sound different.   Even a brand new record may have defects.  Even renowned issues like the original Mercury Living Presence and DG 'tulip' pressings can sound as bad as a budget label.  That's why I play-test everything I list.  
For the most part I focus on classical vinyl records, and I take it seriously.  Please see my feedback and ask any questions.  Records are cleaned thoroughly with distilled water and a clean microfiber before play-testing.  Condition will improve, of course, with a professional cleaning.

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