ELVIS PRESLEY ( XMAS ALBUM ). New Zealand pressing.  RCA LOC 1035.

Sold Date: March 12, 2018
Start Date: March 5, 2018
Final Price: £561.56 (GBP)
Bid Count: 41
Seller Feedback: 488
Buyer Feedback: 602

Hi there it’s the headhunter. Here we have the ELVIS PRESLEY ( Xmas album ). NEW ZEALAND PRESSING. RCA LOC 1035. This record turned up in a large collection I recently bought. This collection has a few interesting pieces I’ve not seen before. THE SLEEVE IS IN EXELLENT CONDITION, WITH A LAMINATED FRONT. ALL SPINE TEXT IS READABLE. THERE IS HOWEVER SOME DAMAGE ON THE REAR OF THE SLEEVE. THERE HAS BEEN A SURFACE TEAR ON THE SIDE TWO TRACK LISTING. ( please see the photo’s). BOTH OF THE LABELS ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION, NICE CLEAR SILVER WRITING. THE DISC IS VIRTUALLY MINT, CANT SEE A SURFACE MARK ANYWHERE. LOVELY SHINE. THE MATRIX NUMBERS ARE. SIDE - 1. H2-PP-6526. SIDE - 2. H2-PP- 6527. This record is quite scarce I would say, I’ve never seen it before and I’ve seen a lot of Elvis records over the years. THIS HAS GOT TO BE WORTH A LOOK. BEAUTIFUL COVER, BEST LOOKING XMAS ALBUM COVER IVE SEEN ANYWHERE. Good luck with the bidding.