Sold Date: July 10, 2018
Start Date: June 12, 2018
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Vladimir Vissotsky
La Corde Raide
Polydor 2473 077
Format : 12" 33rpm
Notes : Ultra rare original French pressing.

Cover : NM (absolutely superb, dream condition!)
Record : NM (probably unplayed)
 This record counts for 2 LPs.

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    Grading system

Records are visually AND audio graded. We use a strong 500watts halogen lamp that will reveal any defect and playgraded in various spots to check general audio condition, especially if record shows marks.

      Record condition :

NM = Near Mint. Exceptional condition and sound fidelity, with minor (if any) visible signs of use.
EX+ = Excellent Plus. Record shows careful usage. Topical surface marks may exist, such as light paper sleeve marks, and other signs of incidental handling that will not cause intrusively audible surface noise. Audio quality far outweighs any marginal appearance flaws.
EX = Excellent Condition. Appearance shows moderate use, but a good degree of enjoyable play is available ; the record shows reasonable care in handling. Audio is only very slightly affected by intermittent surface ticks, and music retains its full spectrum of fidelity, with no mistracking. What we call a listener's copy.
VG++ = Appearance show signs of use such as scuffs & light marks. Audio will be reasonably affected, some surface ticks in quiet parts or at high volume, occasional surface noise but nothing too pronounced. Not a perfect copy but music is still very enjoyable if you are not a sound purist.
VG+ = Some marks and/or lots of surface scuffs. Sound shows quite regular ticks or surface noises but music is still louder and quite enjoyable.
VG = lots of marks visible. Sound will be really affected and clics will be audible, a copy for people who will not be too sensitive to audio disruptions or a filler copy.        

      Cover condition :

NM = an LP jacket showing little or no wear, with no marks on front or back. Seams, spines, corners are not worn to any degree. Lamination completely intact.
EX+ = Record jacket that shows only light and topical wear, typically acquired during years of normal careful storage and usage. Fine appearance can be expected, with no repairs or seam and edge damage.
EX = record jacket that has acquired a little more shelf and storage wear, still retaining its original structural integrity. Light corner and edge wear likely.
VG++ = jacket has either edge wear, possible bending, one or two small cut on edges, slight humidity traces, possible writing (one of any flaws described will make the jacket be graded as such, of course, if the jacket shows all those flaws, it will be VG or VG+)
VG+ = same as above but worse :-)
VG = cover has major flaws that will be depicted & described

Note: + or - may be used to indicate slight variations in quality within each rating.