Cynthia -  Change On Me (VG+)

Sold Date: May 3, 2021
Start Date: March 16, 2021
Final Price: $20.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 20
Buyer Feedback: 0


Condition: USED

Cover Grade*: VG

Visual: Original generic white cover with age/wear, minimal ring wear, one corner slightly bent (see pictures) 

Seams: Normal wear, no splits

Notables: Original generic white cover (see pictures)


Vinyl Grade*: VG++

Label: Side A/1: Paper label in great condition, there is writing present // Side B/2: Paper label in great condition, writing is present (see picture)

Vinyl visual:  Side A/1: Glossy and clean, only a few visible scratch or scuff marks // Side B/2: Glossy and clean, only a few visible scratch or scuff marks

Skipping/scratching: Side A/1: None // Side B/2: None

Crackling/popping: Side A/1: Nothing significant noted or heard during key playback // Side B/2: Nothing significant noted or heard during key playback

Warping/cupping: None

Notables: SoCal house party classic! Great playability. This record plays at a strong VG++. Very clean playing record with great sound. Excellent condition for the age of this record. 

Inner Sleeve: New, acid-free paper 

Jacket Protector: Clear polyethylene 

* Records are graded using Goldmine Grading Guide

Note: Colored dots on covers and vinyl can be removed without damage to either. They are used to keep vinyl and covers in sync when I have multiple copies of a record.


Must be made within 24 hours of purchase or you forfeit purchase



Buyer pays all shipping costs regardless of region

Shipped via USPS Media Mail and/or GSP

Album will be shipped in hard mailer box

Vinyl will be inside of jacket sleeve and will be compressed by additional cardboard to avoid seam damage (very rare occurrence). If you want it mailed with the vinyl outside the jacket let me know that and I’ll accommodate the request.


No returns!

I’ve gone above/beyond to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed decision to purchase this record or not. I’m sure you’ll find the condition better than I have described and enjoy the product.


*** Some things to know before you purchase... ***

These records are from my personal collection which was built during my time as a DJ between 1980 and 2000. As difficult as it is, I’ve decided to part with these records to make room for new music. These records all bring back fond memories -  I hope by passing them on others will play them and recall good times as well or just take a liking to what was popular “back in the day!”

- These records have been graded using the Goldmine Grading Guide. I have personally played each side and provided a grade I feel best represents the quality of the vinyl and cover.

- I have called out any conditions I think a buyer should be aware of in my description. If you have specific question (runout/deadwax numbers for example) please ask BEFORE YOU PURCHASE the item. There are no refunds.

- These records have all had an ultrasonic cleaning in a solution of Tergi-Kleen which is the same solution used by the Library of Congress. Each vinyl protectant sleeve has a removable “last cleaned” sticker with a date on it. This label can be removed without damaging the poly cover.

- After cleaning, every record was placed in a NEW archival quality inner paper sleeve or a NEW anti static vinyl inner sleeve. I did this so there would be no transfer of dirt from the old inner sleeve to the freshly cleaned record. In some cases I left the original inner sleeve included where it made sense but put the vinyl in a clean sleeve.

- Each record has been placed in a clear hi-density polypropylene cover to protect the jacket.

- These records have been kept in covered record crates, in protective jackets and stored inside. I think you’ll find these records are in great shape considering the age and frequency in which they were played.