Rush-All The World's a Stage(1976) 2X LP, Cover=VG+, Vinyl=NM, VERY QUIET PLAY!

Sold Date: June 13, 2021
Start Date: June 3, 2021
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Rush-All The World's a Stage(1976), Mercury SRM-2-7508.  This is one show I wish I could have seen! Superb concert. Triple gatefold cover has moderate edge wear, no seam splits, stickers or writing and the bulk of the cover retains most of it's color and shine=VG+. Includes 2 original inner sleeves. This copy also includes 2 audiophile rice paper lined inner sleeves which I prefer. Vinyl was play graded in it's entirety. I heard two clicks on the entire album(4 sides), otherwise perfectly quiet. There are some visible scuffs but tracking at 1.75 grams NO other noise was heard=NM. A real pleasure to play grade all the way through. Results may vary depending on your turntable/cartridge/stylus and cleaning methods. Shipping is $4.50 for first LP and $1.00 for each additional LP, up to 3 LP's. Enjoy this classic Rush album.
My grading is basically Goldmine grading. I like to list as: M=like brand new as in sealed. NM=opened and played but in pristine condition. The cover should be near perfect with few to no flaws. The album should play with little to no noise, IE ticks, pops, skips or warpage. VG+=opened and well played but cared for and cleaned  well. The cover will show more shelf wear, ring wear, faded spine, weak seems and/or other various aging wear. The album should play with a few ticks and no major pops, skips or otherwise irritating noise. VG=The same as VG+ but the cover is more worn and the album plays with even more noise. I will usually never sell anything below this grade. G=A very beat up cover and record that has been handled and played for so many years that one could only want it for it's rarity or sentimental reasons. P=Poor. Forget it. For example I have some albums that were water damaged due to a water leak behind a wall that are "P". Otherwise....trash can. I do not use stock photos. My photos are the actual item.
About me: I think the selling and buying experience on eBay should have a little fun and individuality to it. I started collecting vinyl records when I was 9. I stopped buying comic books with my allowance and bought albums instead. First album purchased ever was the Doors-Morrison Hotel. After that it was an obsession that never ended. I collected about 1000 over the decades then took a ten year hiatus from vinyl from 2010 to 2020 since I joined the millions who just click a mouse to hear the songs they miss. Then I bought a good turntable late last year, S-shaped tonearm, counterweight, anti-skating, nice cartridge, the whole deal......then I started enjoying it again. Starting from an early age I always used vintage 80's Discwashers to clean every album on every play. This really paid off as my LP's are usually still very quiet all these years later. Starting in 2000 I learned to digitalize my LP's to .wav files using a windows XP computer. After 2000 the PC became as big a part of my "stereo arsenal" as a turntable, amp or speakers. Now we're up to Windows 10 and I'm quite computer savvy especially with anything "sonic". I even have my own synthesizers/studio and record into a PC using various software packages. When you browse one of my "play graded" listings, the clicks and pops were not just heard, I was seeing them on a 17" monitor in real time as the sound was being digitalized and the image of a click/pop is very unique on a monitor. I usually at the very least, spot play everything I sell. Visual only grading is used only for LP's I know sound great already or are by artists I just don't want to sit through for 40 minutes or more. Buy with confidence and thank you for your attention. Jim