10x original paper record sleeves for 10" 78rpm discs COLUMBIA blue magic notes

Sold Date: February 15, 2022
Start Date: September 15, 2021
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Lm LOC reference :  15-9-21a


All discs are shipped in our own SECURE PRIORITY PACKAGING , developed over years of successful 78 dealing.

We understand that your disc is a valuable & fragile historical artefact , and at LEWTHWAITEmusic , it is treated accordingly.

Before despatch , your disc disc will be cleaned & given a smart new archive sleeve . If you would prefer a contemporary company sleeve to match your disc , we can often provide one in reasonable condition . We also have a nice range of pre-war printed cardboard shop-sleeves available , mostly in VERY GOOD - EXCELLENT condition. These are listed seperately in our web-shop .

BREAKAGES IN TRANSIT are unfortunetly inevitable , no matter how hard we try ... the last breakage we had was in November 2012. We were shocked , of course , but our valued customer was devastated , as the disc was a rare recording of his grandfather which he was hoping to give at a family presentation. Fortunetly , we were able to locate a near exact replacement , but we vowed to continually strive to improve packaging and foil the dark powers lurking within the Royal Mail.

Our breakage tally has since been ZERO .

OUR POSTAGE & PACKAGING charges are a necessary reflection of the care & materials that go into our "extreme-packaging" system. However , if you would like to order more than one disc , to be shipped together , then our rates are as follows :

UK customers .... no extra p&p for additional discs ( i.e., a flat £5 )

EUROPE .... add £3 per additional disc

WORLD .... add £6 per additional disc

We hope you will enjoy searching our extensive 78 collection , and our goal is your satisfaction at all levels of your shopping experience.

A phonograph disc is an audio time-capsule , containing the spirit of a time from the past , to be enjoyed by the generations of the future.