Sold Date: September 21, 2022
Start Date: August 28, 2022
Final Price: £900.00 (GBP)
Seller Feedback: 4232
Buyer Feedback: 335


This is an original 1st UK pressing promo copy from the time of first release. It is not a reissue. Everything is in superb condition and the disc was almost certainly unplayed before my very careful play-grading for this listing. This copy has the very rare side-opening inner sleeve which is found on only a tiny number of the original copies.

This has the following matrix numbers:

Side one: SHVL 814 A-1

Side two: SHVL 814 B-3

Disc: The vinyl has retained its original sheen with barely a mark to be seen. In normal light the playing surfaces look immaculate and even under bright, direct light there are just a handful of the wispiest sleeve-removal marks, but I've never seen another first pressing as good as this. I would visually grade it as Near Mint (NM). I have played the whole album in full from start to finish and the audio is the best I've ever heard with absolutely nothing to report. For the sake of completeness I would mention that there is some very, very minor background noise in the quietest parts such as the run-ins/outs, fades, silent grooves, segues and intros, and the occasional solitary, random click but there were no repetitive clicks anywhere and the whole record sounds amazingWish You Were Here is a really hard album to find sounding great as a first pressing, but this is the best I've ever heard.  I would have no hesitation to play-grade both sides as a SAFE Near Mint (NM).

Labels: No tears, stickers, writing etc, and no spindle marking suggesting that the record was probably never played before. Near Mint (NM).

Sleeve: The first press sleeve with pinched spine has no seam splits, tears, writing, stickers etc, and almost no signs of age or use. These matt, white sleeves are almost impossible to find like this and I've never seen a better one. Excellent Plus (Ex+).

Inner sleeve: The very rare side opening inner sleeve has no splits or tears and minimal signs of handling or age. Excellent Plus (Ex+).

Shrink wrap: This is the original 1st press shrink wrap (thicker, fully opaque and with just one punch-hole). It has a 'Factory Sample Not For Sale' sticker on the back. I removed the shrink wrap from the cover several years ago as the shrink wrap was getting too tight. It has split along the bonded seam near the top and has a small tear at the bottom opening corner, but it is otherwise in fantastic condition. Excellent (Ex).

Postcard: Original first press postcard printed on thicker card than reissues. It has a laminated surface and serrated edge, and is in pretty much 'as new' condition. Near Mint (NM).

Detracting features not covered above:  None. This is an exceptional example that would be hard to improve on.

All photographs are of the actual item for sale. Please ask any questions before you bid or buy.

Where gradings are given these are based on the UK Record Collector grading system (see below) and are visual gradings only, unless the listing specifically states that it is a play-grading.

I use the UK RECORD COLLECTOR GRADING SYSTEM. This grading system differs from some other grading systems, in particular the Goldmine grading system. Please make sure that you are familiar with the UK record collector grading system before you bid.

Mint: The record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items such as the lyric sheet, booklet or poster are in perfect condition. Records advertised as Sealed or Unplayed should be Mint.

Excellent: The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packag­ing might have slight wear and/or creasing.

Very Good: The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable sur­face marks and the occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items, without any major defects, is acceptable.

Good: The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discoloration, etc.

Fair: The record is still just playable but has not been cared for prop­erly and displays considerable surface noise; it may even jump. The cover and contents will be torn, stained and/or defaced.

Poor: The record will not play properly due to scratches, bad surface noise, etc. The cover and contents will be badly damaged or partly missing.

Bad: The record is unplayable or might even be broken, and is only of use as a collection-filler.

Plus (+) or Minus (-) are added where items fall between gradings. I only ever use one plus or minus.


P&P costs as follows:



First LP or 12" record = £4.95, each additional item no extra P&P charge.

First 7" record = £3.95, each additional item no extra P&P charge.



First LP or 12" record = £14.95, each additional item = an extra £2.20 P&P charge.

First 7" record = £11.95, each additional item = an extra £1.00 P&P charge.


Rest of the world:

First LP or 12" record = £24.95, each additional item = an extra £2.20 P&P charge.

First 7" record = £14.95, each additional item = an extra £1.00 P&P charge.