John Williams Jurassic Park Soundtrack COLORED LP vinyl mondo OST BSO

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John Williams – Jurassic Park (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label:    Mondo – MOND-017 New Double LP in Yellow and Red Swirl with Black Splatter Vinyl Reissue. 25th Anniversary Edition released on May 30, 2018 on Mondo's website. Limited to 3000 copies. SELLING ONLY THE RECORDS NOT THE SLEEVE. only sell that you see in the photos

A1        Opening Titles     0:33
A2        Theme From Jurassic Park    3:27
A3        Incident At Isla Nublar     5:20
A4        Journey To The Island    8:53
B1        The Raptor Attack    2:49
B2        Hatching Baby Raptor     3:20
B3        Welcome To Jurassic Park    7:55
B4        My Friend, The Brachiosaurus     4:16
C1        Dennis Steals The Embryo    4:56
C2        A Tree For My Bed    2:12
C3        High-Wire Stunts    4:09
C4        Remembering Petticoat Lane    2:48
C5        Jurassic Park Gate    2:04
D1        Eye To Eye    6:32
D2        T-Rex Rescue & Finale    7:40
D3        End Credits    3:26