Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (Atlantic). Classic Records 180G, Bernie Grundman

Sold Date: May 8, 2024
Start Date: December 13, 2023
Final Price: $299.99 (USD)
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Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions (Atlantic).  This is the original audiophile vinyl box set released by Classic Records.  Vinyl mastered by Bernie Grundman to four 180G vinyl LPs. "BG" is etched in the run-out grooves. 

I am the original owner, and played the LPs one time.  The box set has been stored in a polybag to protect against scuffing. 

The LPs are M-.   Box is M-.  Some of the printed inner sleeves have tiny (1 inch) seam splits are either on the verge or just beginning.  Upon request, I can ship the vinyl records outside of the printed inner sleeves, but in the box.


All of the LPs I sell are from my personal collection. Vinyl is play graded on sound, not looks. If not sealed, I have played and enjoyed the album. <p>If you are an experienced record collector, I'm sure you will be pleased with my LP's and grading system (please see the 8000+ positive feedbacks from buyers I have received).

M- = Mint Minus. Plays quietly. Either a nearly new recently manufactured LP, or an older LP in excellent condition for its age. Older LP's (30-50 years old) rated M- may have an occasional tick or groove noise.

VG++ = Record may have surface noise or ticks here and there. Many rare/collector LP receive this rating.

VG+ = Some noticeable surface noise, but not so much that record is not enjoyable.

VG = Definitely some major noise or other imperfections, but worth it because the record is so rare.


M- = Recent albums still look new, and older collector's albums look nearly new..accounting for some small fading or loss of cover gloss. I post pictures of all the albums I'm selling so you can see for yourself.

VG++ = Still looks good,but used. Minor imperfections will be noted in listing.

VG+ = Some strong wear. Possibly seam splits and/or taped seams.

VG= Beaten senseless