Promo WHITE Mono VG COLTRANE Impulse A Love Supreme A-77 Van Gelder LW

Sold Date: November 13, 2017
Start Date: November 3, 2017
Final Price: $449.44 (USD)
Bid Count: 22
Seller Feedback: 2411
Buyer Feedback: 499

A Love Supreme John Coltrane

A-77 White Impulse Labels

Mono Van Gelder VG/VG

player at entry level condition hifi is superb & there’s faint noise in some areas more pronounced but not overbearing ticking/ faintly repeated from no more than 25 seconds, though I found on headset/ headphones set up, I could very clearly hear vocal and instrumental sequences at very minimal sound interference issues

ORIGINAL IMPULSE white/ black no mention on abc or paramount etc addresses on bottom areas of lbls

WAX - is not marked or by ant means gouged or even for the sake of being able to see in direct light any felt marks, none that I could see with my eyes.

VG grade is 100% played through three or more consecutive repeat play throughs to double state conditions throughly

Labels have some light smudges from years past. VG or better lbls

Jacket VG heavy weight Laminate Gatefold nice throughout

original inner abc sleeve with impulse listings ads etc og

static free inner dust slv provided

poly outer provided

heavy oversized mailer with professional packaging/ 15 yrs experience

Inside gf clean and nice light smoky odor from yrs of well kept storage

Very presentable very clean very nice player entry piece!