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This is a strange one.
This is a red and green vinyl release of MKS 101: Elvis Presley, Memphis King, Comeback Special '68, released in 1976.
The track listings for both sides match official releases but that's where the similarities end.
First of all, it's colored vinyl.
Secondly, the hand etched matrix numbers don't line up with official releases. On this LP, hand etched on Side A is: "NRP-MKS- '68 - Stereo - A". Side B's hand etching reads as follows: "MKS-'68 - Stereo - B".
Thirdly, the diameter of the ring around the spindle hole measures 2.75" while the official releases measure in at 2" and 0.5".
Continuing on, the record is in a London FFrr inner sleeve which was made/printed in the UK. As the outer sleeve is a generic black sleeve, I don't know if this indicates that this record was made in the UK or that it just ended up in the London FFrr inner sleeve. 
Vinyl weighs 145 grams.
Visually, the record looks good. There are some definite dark lines on both sides, particularly visible on the green parts of the vinyl. I don't see any visible warping but there are a few scattered, barely palpable pocl marks on both sides. The wax could certainly use a professional vacuum clean. 
The sound quality is fair and sounds as if this is a second or third generation recording. There's audible surface noise especially at the very beginning of both sides and an audible skip on Side 1, Track 1. There are scattered audible pops throughout and the surface noise shows up noticeably again on Side 1, Track 3. Though the label indicates stereo, many parts of the recording sound mono to me but that could simply be a function of where I was when I listened to it. 
And that's all I know about this, Friends. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them as correctly and quickly as I can.
I'm always open for your insights and I'm always happy to combine shipping.
Thank you for looking!

On Dec-05-17 at 17:48:29 PST, seller added the following information:

FROM THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS BOOTLEG. (For obvious reasons, this person's identity will remain anonymous.):

I was the one who made this bootleg LP!! I can tell you that the version you have here is a bootleg of my bootleg as the company who made it (NASHVILLE RECORD PLATING) never made any multi color versions!"