Rock/prog/folk vinyl job lot: 35 LPs&1EP: Gracious, Magna Carta, Maypole...

Sold Date: December 12, 2017
Start Date: December 9, 2017
Final Price: £500.00 £340.00 (GBP)
Seller Feedback: 300
Buyer Feedback: 104

Please read carefully before submitting a bid, I've owned all these LPs for a long time and consider the grading as honest as you'll find on ebay! Smoke free home, and cared for very well - during my ownership. Some of these LPs are sought after and among others you'll find the legendary first press of the debut Mayploe album!! Naturally I'm listing these to protect my original investment, hence a BIN price of £500 - that's around £14 per LP delivered!! And for this lot, that is genuinely a real steal!
I am open to offers, so feel free to drop me a line. Best wishes, Steve.
Grading: Sleeve/Wax. Based on the Record Collector Standard. All UK presses, unless stated. All first presses unless stated, I will occasional mention a first press, but only to re-emphasise the actual value of the record! 
First up, the stand out LPs:
Gracious: S/T, US first press on Capitol - this is the legendary Vertigo Swirl US counterpart and is a huge rarity in this form. VG+(import hole punch top right)/EX!
Gracious: This is Gracious, a genuine early re-press on the International Series label, this features a small Vertigo swirl on both the A and B sides. overall the sleeve is VG- with the vinyl near mint.
Maypole: S/T, Colossus label (CS-1007) US first press, no import snip. A superb copy, simply stunning all round from the textured sleeve to the vinyl which is once again near mint!
Magna Carta: Seasons, German original Vertigo swirl, with laminated GF sleeve. VG+/VG. for this one, another superb find.
Matching Mole: S/T, CBS first press: VG+/EX
Gun: S/T, - EPIC US first press, with original monster sleeve! G/VG.
Gun: Gunsight, CBS US first press: EX/EX.
The rest of the old school rock stuff...
Planxty: The Well Below the Valley, red label Ploydor first press: EX/EX.
Planxty: S/T, red label Polydor first press: VG+/EX.
Stretch: Elastique, Anchor Records first press: VG/VG+
Battlefield Band: S/T, Topic label first press: EX/EX.
Strawbs: Burning for You: Oyster (Polydor) label first press, with original inner! EX/EX.
Strawbs: Deep Cuts: Oyster (Ploydor) label first press, with lyric insert: EX/EX.
Strongbow: S/T US stoner rock on the Buddah label, Southwind imprint: EX-/EX-.
Starwood: S/T (as above, but folky), Colombia label: EX/EX.
Baby: S/T (as above, more rock), Mercury: VG/EX.
Cilmeri: S/T, Sain label: with original band mini poster insert, collectible celtic stuff here, all in EX/EX condition.
The Boys of Lough: Lochaber No More, Philo label: VG+/EX.
The boys of lough: The Piper's Broken Finger, Philo label: VG/EX.
Blondel: S/T, pink rim Island press GF sleeve: VG/VG.
Granmax: A Ninth Alive, Panama label, highly sought after US pressed white vinyl mid 1970s first press! VG+/EX!
Strawbs: S/T, A&M label first press, with GF sleeve - VG/EX!
Strawbs: Dragonfly, A&M label first press, textured sleeve: VG+/EX!
Tir Na Nog: Strong in the Sun, green and red Chrysalis label: Another first press: EX/EX!
Tea: The Ship, UKPhilips label first press: Blue/silver label - EX/EX!
The Incredible String Band: Liquid Acrobat As Regards the Air, GF textured sleeve: Island pink rim, EX/EX.
As above: Hard Rope and Silken Twine, Island pink rim: VG-/EX-.
As above: No Ruinous Feud, Island pink rim: EX/EX.
Beggar's Opera: Get Your Dog Off Me: Spaceship Vertigo - VG-/EX-.
Magna Carta: Songs from Wasties Orchard, Spaceship Vertigo, with fold out gimmick sleeve in VG/EX - stunning!
Tony Hazzard: Loudwater House, Bronze first press! GF sleeve, with original lyric inner: EX/EX.
Tony Hazzard: Was that alright then? Bronze first press! GF sleeve, with original lyric inner: EX/EX.
Greenslade: Bedside Manner's are Extra, GF Roger Dean sleeve, Warner US: VG+/EX.
Greenslade: Time and Tide,  Warner US, GF sleeve: EX/EX.
Greenslade: Spyglass Guest, Warner US: VG-(import snip, top right), GF sleeve: VG-/EX.
Bonus free LP:   Man: US band, not the Welsh proggers, red Colombia label! Pro-mo of their collectible debut album: sleeve shows some serious ring wear, thus is G+, that aside the wax is: G with some obvious scratches etc. but she plays fine.   
Thanks you for reading, PayPal only and UK bidders.
Best wishes,