American Blues Vinyl LP Ultra Rare Frank Beard Dustyl Hill Pre ZZ Top 1968

Sold Date: March 21, 2020
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Here is the backstory on this fascinating album, you may have seen part of this in the new ZZ Top documentary that is airing on Netflix. Before ZZ Top Frank Beard and Dusty Hill were in a band in Dallas called American Blues along with Dusty's brother Rocky Hill. They recorded this album, American Blues is Here on the Karma Label. It was produced by Scott McKay who I think is Scotty McKay who cut an incredible version of Train Kept a Rollin' pre Yardbirds but I can't verify that. Anyway this album was apparently given to a Susie Hendricks by The American Blues who signed it on the front cover. Later she must have given this album to the late Seab Meador, a brilliant Dallas guitarist (Werewolves, managed by Andrew Loog Oldham) who also played with Frank and Dusty. And Seab later gave it to me during the late 70s. One thing they didn't touch on in the documentary is Seab, Frank, Dusty and one Mark Ramsey also had a band together, a "fake" Zombies cooked up by some promoter that toured the US. Google I was a fake teenage zombie to read the whole story, it is hysterical, What shape is this in? Well, it looks like an album owned by musicians who rolled a lot of joints on it. Not mint but no worse looking than many albums from the sixties.  No paper sleeve inside. Vinyl actually looks pretty clean but imagine it has some snap, crackle and pop. As it should. Thanks for reading this far, don't hesitate to ask any questions.