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This is Unprecedented Beatles History !! 'The Lost Harrison White Album' with ALL 7 label errors, Mega Low # 0055484 with remarkable historic matrix: S1-A28  S2-B28  S3-A28  S4-A28... Perhaps never ever seen before with NM cover, ALL 7 errors and insanely mega low number plus rare white photo spacer !!

   **** Please take a few minutes to read all below and you'll be amazed at it's incredible rarity ****

   **** This may be the rarest Beatles album known to exist in the world ****

         **** This is one of only three known to exist in the world *****

Insanely Rare Original A-28 Matrix '68 Pressing Of 'The Lost Harrison Compressed White Album' aka The Beatles White Album

Here's a rare opportunity to own the record that George Harrison didn't want you to hear!  A record so rare, there are less then a handful confirmed copies in existence. As the story goes, just prior to the release of 'The Beatles' self-titled double LP, universally known as 'The White Album', George Harrison flew out to Los Angeles, and while there, he visited Capitol Records LA plant to listen to advance pressings of the record. He was horrified by what he heard. The album had compression and limitation added which altered the sound of what The Beatles' had intended and George set about remastering the entire album. The first set of lacquers (33 in total) that were used to press the albums were ordered to all be destroyed along with any records that may have been pressed. That, it would seem, was that...excepta couple copies of the rejected album mistakenly leaked out. The way to discern this is by checking the matrix in the run-out groove for a number lower than 34. No copies of this pressing were known to exist prior to 2007.  Less then 3 have been discovered in the intervening years. Here's your chance to own one of them. This album up for auction has the following matrix numbers: A28 B28 A28 A28. There has never been any record with this many A28 matrix numbers known to exist.

This pressing is from the Scranton PA plant. The original plates were used to press this record, BEFORE Capitol recalled mother
plates 01 - 33. That any A28 mother plates existed and were not destroyed as instructed, were unknown to exist until 2007...
This is arguably the most important Beatles White Album ever to turn up. This could very well end up in a museum one day !

I personally corresponded with Bruce Spizer a few years ago, and he did confirm to me that this is in fact one of the very few known Lost Harrison Compressed White Albums known to exist, and was indeed pressed before all the early masters were to be destroyed.
Bruce Spizer said to me:
"The albums with master numbers 28 or 29 (or any number below 34 if they ever existed) were from Capitol's original mastering of the album pressed at the Scranton plant. When George heard what Capitol had done, he insisted that the album be totally remastered. Capitol was suppose to destroy master numbers 1-33, but we now know that some 28-29 masters were not destroyed. At the time the price guide was written, only ONE of these rare masters had been confirmed"

Excerpts from Bruce Spizer:
All of this is detailed in my book "The Beatles on Apple Records" on page
118. At the time I wrote the book, I stated that there were never any numbers below
A34 cut at the Capitol Tower because all of these lacquers were destroyed. A few
years ago, someone had me examine a White Album with A28, B29, A28 and B29
for sides one through four. This was proof that not all lacquers 01 to 33 were
destroyed. These discs sound slightly different that the White Album we all
know and love. It is not a dramatic difference because the lacquers were cut
from the same master tape. We did a digital wave comparison of the discs
with A28 & B29 to a standard White Album. The difference is clearly visible.
You can see the compression on the original Capitol master. The digital wave
comparison appears on page 270 of my latest book, "The Beatles Swan Song:
"She Loves You" and Other Records." In addition, a lacquer of side one of
The White Album has recently turned up that further confirms Harrison's
remastering. The lacquer was cut at Sound Recorders Studio, 6226 Yucca,
Hollywood, CA, which is just around the corner from the Capitol Tower. An
image of the lacquer is in my Swan book, also on page 270. This is one of
the lacquers cut under Harrison's supervision. Ken Mansfield confirms that
Harrison went to that studio for the initial remastering. Obviously, the
lacquers used to cut the album were done at the Tower, as evidenced by the A and B lathe numbers.
I hope that this proves, once and for all, that the Harrison remaster story is not a myth, and is in fact true.

Bruce Spizer also writes about this rare version in his book The Beatles on Apple Records:
"George Harrison, along with Mal Evans, were in Los Angeles to produce Jackie Lomax's upcoming Apple album. He dropped by the Capitol Tower to hear the White Album. He had left London for LA prior to the banding session during which the order of the songs was selected for The White Album, and wanted to hear the finished product. He did not like what he heard and insisted that he be allowed to work with Capitol's engineers to remaster the album.

This story is told by Mal Evans in an issue of The Beatles Book (the official Beatles Fan Club monthly publication) in which he states that Capitol's engineers had "done all sorts of technical things to it that altered half the effects." As was often the practice at the time, Capitols engineers had run the sound through a limiter and compressed the volume range of the recording by cutting back the high volume peaks and bringing up the low passages. This would have been particularly noticeable on "Helter Skelter," a loud rocker with a fake fade-out ending, and Harrison's "Long, Long, Long," which has quiet passages throughout and loud distortion at the end."
So, the album was saved and sounded like George Harrison wanted it to sound. It was released in the UK on 22 November 1968, and three days later in the United States. However, it seems a few of the U.S. albums had been pressed using Capitol's compressed master by mistake. In Perry Cox' 2007 book, one such copy of the album was described: "this variant has lacquer numbers in the trail off area ending in numbers LESS than 34.  These records were pressed with metal parts generated from the initial 33 lacquers, which were supposed to be destroyed. George Harrison objected to the use of a limiter that had compressed the sound during the mastering process. He insisted that the initial lacquers be destroyed and that the album be remastered. Harrison's remastered version is found on standard copies of the album which have lacquer numbers 34 or higher. Only one copy, which is a VG- condition Scranton pressing with lacquer numbers A-28 and B-29, has been confirmed thought there may be one or two others out there."

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a very rare part of Beatles history not often seen, or offered for sale anywhere in the world. Look at the photo of the A28 matrix on side one, something you may have never seen before, and may never see again in your lifetime.

I know it's worth more the I have it listed for, but I'm hoping it ends up in the hands of a true Beatles fan, rather then in a museum !!
Don't miss this opportunity for you will kick yourself when it's gone forever !!


THE BEATLES White Album 2-LP Gatefold vinyl set 1968 First Press SWBO-101 Stereo

         Please read everything carefully below so you know exactly the rarity you are buying

Insanely low 0055484 numbered and Embossed Original NM 1968 U.S. Scranton first pressing of The Beatles 'White Album'. This is the rare Lost Harrison White Album and highly sought after pressing containing all 7 printing errors on the labels. Upon release of the album, John Lennon noticed these mistakes and had them corrected immediately on future pressings but not before some of these extremely rare error copies had already entered the marketplace. With the Insanely LOW number 0055484 and the Crazy LOW 28 matrix numbers, this is one of the very earliest White Album known to exist today !! The cover is stunning and the 4 original photos are accompanied by the very rare spacer !!

This is the famed 'Harrison White Album', Never Ever will you find one for sale anywhere plus the mega ultra rare 7 label errors and the low # 0055484, and it's the Holy Grail !!

Research online and be amazed at the story of the 'Harrison Compressed White Album'

The cover is NEAR MINT STUNNING front, back, inside and out. NO seam splits showing, after two minor near-undetectable seam repairs, NO writing, NO stickers, NO glue residue, NO rips/tears, NO pen/marker marks, and a *MINT* inner/outer spine !! Just an absolutely breathtaking copy of an extremely rare treasure !!
The VG+ records are still glossy with average play with hairlines, but NO skips, which is completely understandable considering it is one of the earliest White Albums known to exist today, more then 52 years after it's pressing at Scranton. All 4 error labels are absolutely MINT with NO WRITING, NO stickers, NO residue, NO rips and NO tears. NO WRITING on the front, back or inside of the record sleeve!  The spindle holes are pristine perfect which is rare to find. It comes with all 4 MINT heavy-stock portrait photos along with the Mega Ultra Rare white photo spacer, and a gorgeous NM ORIGINAL poster with lyrics, with NO writing, NO tears and NO pin holes. It also includes the original inner sleeves.

A machine stamped triangle with the initials IAM indicates that the record was pressed at the Scranton, Pennsylvania plant. 'IAM' stood for the International Association of Machinists union whose members worked at the Scranton plant.

ALL the photos you see above are of the EXACT treasures you will receive !! You really don't want to miss this one, as this 'Lost Harrison Compressed White Album' may be the rarest and most important Beatles album of all time !!

 Here are all 7 song errors on the labels:
1. "Bungalow Bill" instead of "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill"
2. "Obladi Oblada" instead of "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da"
3. "Rocky Racoon" missing the second "C" in Raccoon
4. "Goodnight" instead of "Good Night"
5. "Revolution No. 1" instead of "Revolution 1"
6. "Revolution No. 9" instead of "Revolution 9"
7. "Why Don't we do it in the road" without the question mark (?)
Error #7 without the question mark, is the rarest of all the 7
When you look at others for sale, make sure error #7 is among them !!

LPs with all 7 label errors have the following wax etchings: Side 1: SWBO-1-101- A28 with (Scranton pressing)
Side 2: SWBO-2-101- B28 with
(Scranton pressing)
Side 3: SWBO-3-101- A28 with
(Scranton pressing)
Side 4: SWBO-4-101- A28 with
(Scranton pressing)

On side one: Bungalow Bill instead of The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

On side one: Obladi Oblada instead of Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da

On side two:  Rocky Racoon instead of Rocky Raccoon

On side two: Why Don't We Do It In The Road (NO question mark) instead of Why Don't We Do It In The Road ?

On side four:  Revolution No. 1 instead of Revolution 1

On side four:  Revolution No. 9 instead of Revolution 9

On side four:  Goodnight instead of Good Night

Here's very invaluable information on how The Beatles White Albums were numbered, and the meaning behind all the sequences...

The first 25 White Albums were numbered with an “A” prefix and then a series of zeros preceding the number (e.g. A0000009). There are always seven digits following the “A” so if it was a single digit number it would be preceded by six zeroes or if it was a two digit number it would be preceded by five zeroes. It is not known what the “A” was indicative of (it may mean “printed in America” or “Apple” but neither is confirmed).

Numbers 26-99 were three digit numbers preceded with a zero and no prefix.

Numbers 100 through approximately 209,999 were preceded with the correct number of zeroes to make them a seven digit number 
(with no letter prefix)
Beginning around 210,000 to up near 590,000, they were preceded by a zero and had an 'A' prefix.

Later copies up to about 1,350,000 remain at seven digits using a leading zero if necessary and are prefixed with a large dot.

The next batch from 1,350,000 up to some point around 2,000,000 are prefixed with an “A” but it's a thinner “A” then used earlier.

From 2,000,000 to around 2,250,000 some are prefixed with a large dot and some with the “A”

From 2,250,000 up to 3,000,000 the numbers are prefixed with the abbreviation for number (i.e. “No.”). On some of these the “o” in “No.” is raised with the period below it instead of beside it, and some with a large 'A'.

For the final numbers over 3,000,000 the numbers are prefixed with a wide “A"


Please expand all the above photos so you'll know what exactly you're getting.

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