IRENA & VOJTECH HAVLOVI - Melodies In The Sand - Vinyl (LP)

Sold Date: July 10, 2021
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Cat: MAT 18. Rel: 29 Mar 21

Side 1 - Track 1. Into Silence Side 1 - Track 2. That Which Glitters Side 1 - Track 3. Velvet Wings Of Serenity Side 1 - Track 4. She Is Dissolving Side 1 - Track 5. Ruzenka Side 1 - Track 6. Vanity Of Wings Side 2 - Track 1. Light Circles Side 2 - Track 2. White Andalusia Side 2 - Track 3. In The Garden Side 2 - Track 4. Tenderly Blue

Melodies In The Sand is another vital album from Melody As Truth. It collects together the works of Czech artists Irena and Vojt?ch Havlovi, a husband and wife pair who made music int he 80s as part of experimental collective Capella Antiqua e Moderna. Their style spanned various styles of European classical music and was never less than unorthodox yet beguiling. This record really shines a light on these talented artists and brims with an emotional honesty and vulnerability that will impact anyone who hears it. The delicate keys, the vocal whispers and way they drift in and out, the rippling chords -these are always empty, subtle tracks but they leave an inedible mark.